Why does urban bird control matter so much?

Why does urban bird control matter so much?

The urban bird population is soaring; as a result, controlling bird numbers is crucial from both a health and safety perspective and a financial one. From the spread of diseases to essential clean-up operations, urban birds present an increasing problem for many cities and towns. Employing efficient and cost-effective techniques appears to be the only way to reasonably control these pests.

Why does urban bird control matter so much

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Human disease transmission

Birds and their droppings present a very serious risk to humans, as they can carry diseases. Air-borne disease agents are dust or pathogenic microorganisms that can be inhaled and can present in humans as flu-like symptoms, making it hard to link exposure to an infected bird with the cause of the human infection. Food-borne disease is caused by bacteria living on food. Gulls can feed at contaminated sites, such as sewage treatment works, where they pick up food poisoning bacteria such as E coli or salmonella and pass them out in their faeces on water reservoirs or grazing fields, thus entering the human food chain. Effective nuisance bird management will help to reduce human disease transmission.

Mite and insect infestation

Urban birds are known to have several blood-feeding parasites that inhabit their nests and may bite humans. Bird nesting areas can also be host to numerous other insects, including many species of beetle and moth. Some of these insects will go on to infest stored food and fabrics.


Bird droppings are a slip hazard and councils spend a fortune cleaning up pavements; meanwhile, gulls are showing threatening behaviour toward humans and pets and have attacked on numerous occasions. Gulls could nest on chimney flues, potentially trapping noxious gases within the buildings. Companies such as http://www.vvenv.co.uk/ can assist you in ridding your property of unwanted birds and their nests, removing many of the associated risks.

Property damage and image

The acidity of bird faeces accelerates the deterioration of metals and stonework, while nesting materials can block drains and gutters and cause flooding to properties. Birds peck at roofing materials and window seals, causing damage, and fouling looks and smells unpleasant.

There are many reasons to make use of the services of a bird and pest control company, but health and safety is always paramount. Current and preventative care for your property now will pay dividends in the future.

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