How to Wrap Your Home Door With the Adhesive Film

adhesive film to an interior door

How to Wrap Your Home Door With the Adhesive Film

The complete or partial decoration of the interior furnishings in the house is one of the must-haves of the moment. An always useful operation, especially if you want to give a touch of novelty and freshness to the various accessories. The adhesive film is undoubtedly among the most used decoration elements that are most capable of producing this sensation of novelty. This can also be applied to doors. In this guide, therefore, we want to show you how to wrap your home door with the adhesive film.

How to wrap your home door with the Adhesive Film?

You will need:

  • Adhesive type furniture film
  • Spatula
  • Protective gloves
  • Stucco
  • Sander
  • Screwdriver

adhesive film to an interior door

Dismantle the door

Before starting the actual decoration, it will be necessary to completely disassemble the door to be treated. In this regard, you will have to remove the architraves, the side uprights and the upper ones. Then you will also have to remove all the hardware, i.e. handle, lock and hinges. At the same time, you will have to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the door, eliminating any defects in the same. In this case, a good grouting and sanding work can be really useful in order to give the surface of the door a completely smooth and linear appearance.

Proceed with the application of the film

Now place the door properly removed from its position along with a large worktable, which can allow you to have a comfortable and comfortable an intervention as possible. If necessary, slightly moisten the door, to allow the film to take root more easily. So start applying the adhesive film, starting from one side of the door and proceeding from the top to the bottom direction. On this occasion, you will have to arrange the film completely straight, without creating swelling or air bubbles.

Cover the edges

Remember, however, both in the upper and lower part, to leave a margin, without film. To completely fix the film, use a traditional spatula. The spatula will be used starting from the center of the door until it is carried along with the external parts of the same. After completing the application on the flat part, continue your work by arranging another film also along the edges of the door.

Let the door dry

Now it will be necessary to adhere and dry everything. In this phase, the recommendation is not to touch the door and to ventilate the environment as much as possible, however avoiding exposing the door to atmospheric agents such as rain or excessive heat (direct sunlight). The use of special films to be placed on the doors proves to be an excellent deterrent to combat wear and tear on surfaces, protecting them from the signs of aging or from scratches or bevels, as well as an elegant and modern remedy to improve their aesthetic appearance and that of all the interior furnishings of a home.

Before proceeding with the application of the adhesive film, make sure to eliminate any imperfections on the door surface.

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