Do you know how many mites live in your bed? Find out how to eliminate them

how many mites live in your bed

Do you know how many mites live in your bed? Find out how to eliminate them

To avoid the proliferation of mites in our bed, in addition to ventilate the room every day, every so should disinfect the mattress, so as to avoid further problems. The bed is one of the fundamental elements of our house, because it is the place where we can rest after scoring all our daily activities.

In the bed we spend a significant part of the day and allow the body to perform basic functions for the health. However, due to sweating, the dead skin cells and dust, the mattress deteriorates and becomes a perfect place for the development of different microorganisms.

Although it is customary to ignore it, some allergies, infections and respiratory problems caused by mites and bacteria that proliferate in our bed. Fortunately there are cleaning and disinfection methods that allow us to get rid of this problem without having to expose to chemicals or spending much.

On this occasion, we share a natural formula and some advice to help keep your bed in excellent condition.

how many mites live in your bed

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In our bed could live 1.5 million mites

Before you learn how to clean the bed, it is good that everyone knows that it can live up to 1.5 million dust mites that breed easily.

The blankets and sheets absorb sweat and skin cells act as food for the insects that cause asthma and other allergic reactions.

Many experts advise to ventilate the bed for several hours after getting up, because the fresh air and light help eliminate these pests.

After getting up, body heat is still present in the bed and allows the formation of a favorable environment for the growth of the mites.

All this tends to occur with different symptoms evident that, often, are confused with other diseases:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Asthma
  • Sneezing
  • Hay fever
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Rhinitis
  • Itching
  • The skin irritation

In the case in which one or more of these symptoms, one must resort to immediate measures to improve the environment of his bedroom and to avoid problems of greater importance.

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How to disinfect the bed naturally?

In addition to following the advice to do so ventilate for a few hours, xanax 1mg there are other practical means to ensure a clean bed and disinfect.

First, you should change the sheets and pillowcases at least once every two weeks . We must consider which are the elements that absorb sweat. You must also try to keep the base and surrounding environments free from dust, another allergen that compromises health. To avoid having to resort to cleaning products on the market, you can use white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide as alternatives.

how many mites live in your bed

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In addition, it should use the following natural remedy for a thorough disinfection of the mattress. Disinfectant based on sodium bicarbonate and essential oil. Sodium bicarbonate is an antiseptic product that, in this case, we need to absorb moisture and dirt of the mattress. Its properties neutralize odor and leave a very pleasant feeling of freshness when you go to sleep. The essential oil such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus, is a product with a pleasant aroma that will strengthen the disinfection process for a total elimination of the mites.

This method is 100% environmentally friendly and perfectly replaces other commercial products that contain harsh chemicals.


  • 1 cup of sodium bicarbonate (200 g)
  • 10 drops of essential oil
  • 1 medium sized sieve
  • 1 brush
  • manual vacuum cleaner

What should you do?

  • In a bowl add the baking soda with the essential oil.
  • After that blend well together, put them in a sieve and sprinkle on the mattress.
  • Rub with the help of a brush and be sure to clean all areas.
  • Let act, as a minimum, one hour so that the active compounds to perform their function.
  • Remove the baking soda excesses with manual vacuum cleaner.
  • Repeat once a month.

Sure that your bedding is clean? Although no bad smells or obvious dirt, chances are high that it guests hundreds of mites and harmful microorganisms for your body.

If you have pets at home, do not let them in the bedroom, because the problem could worsen. Follow the tips mentioned here on and check the utility to keep in better condition your rest area.

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