How to decorate a new house

When you come to live in a new house awaken in you a lot of feelings. For one, nice to the stage starting side, the premiere of a house, on the other, also of uncertainty to see it empty and not really knowing where to start … To start decorating your new home to a good start we offer several ideas and here are some tips to help you on this very exciting task.

A time for reflection

As of brand new home is usually a long process, including some paperwork and others, takes the time to reflect on how you want to decorate. Surely all that empty space has great potential and has time to get full advantage. Do not get to buy things without sense, without knowing how it will distribute the rooms.

Decorate a new house
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Measures space

It sometimes we get carried away by an arrow in a store and buy a piece of furniture almost without knowing where to go or if we really fit. It’s happened to everyone. But our advice is to midis rooms and space available to know what furniture will be most appropriate to decorate the room. Look where plugs, radiators, windows … It will help with the distribution is.

A definite decorative style

If you clear the decorative style you want to give you can start there. And if you’re not sure which style you like, do not worry. Visit shops and websites, read the tips, observed trends … sure inspiration comes when you least expects it. You can always choose to put a room in every way and a common color throughout the house serve as a link, for example.

Decorate a new house
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Less is more

Uncertain buy much furniture blow or go slowly, I recommend the second option. There is always time to include more things, and if you spend putting furniture in addition to equal space refills can then see someone else that you like more. Do not hurry, time is short.

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The color of the walls

This is very personal and depends on each person. If you like to give it a touch of color to the walls by painting them with a different white tone may be better to wait to be living in the house, so you make sure how much light has the particular room, for example, as perhaps you paint some color and then you discover that there is little light and that tone darkens more … you’re always time to change it. One idea: let the white walls and brings color with accessories.

Decorate a new house
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Decorative details

To convert this house into your home you should give your personal touch through the details .You’ll make yours and get a cozy house with personality. This can be done at the end when you have more or less furniture placed and distributed stay. So you see what a picture can be better, or the color of the flowers you fancy place, or style of these pads with you want to dress your couch. Certainly also you feel some sight when you see some detail that you love. Follow your instinct, sure to find the right place for him.

Make work your creativity

You do not know how creative you can become until you have to decorate your new home. Your imagination takes flight and finds that you like to do crafts, for example, which give a very personal touch to your decor.

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