Decorative ideas to make every corner of your house

The other day we saw how to keep a tidy bedroom with style thanks to different storage systems that could be used in this room to maximize space in an efficient manner. Well, today we’ll take a walk around the house to see different creative and decorative ideas to help you get the most out of any corner or corner you think you’re missing out.

Think Vertical

To make the most of all the space in your house you have to start thinking up, vertically. Watch your walls and you will find plenty of room to have missed. To get better performance using shelves, racks, cabinets … they are arriving to the ceiling. Leave at the top that you do not use often, or you’ll always have on hand a ladder.

Decorative ideas
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Your attic

You might think that the roof pitch your attic is a nuisance to place a large closet. It may not be high, but who says you cannot occupy the entire surface of the wall? As you see in this image, you can make one as you take the slop roofing of a decorative and functional at the same time.

The space under the stairs

The space under a staircase can be exploited in many ways. You can make a removable closet as a shoemaker or to store blankets, for example, or you can leave it open and put some shelves, a library or a relaxing Zen corner with cushions and some nice textiles.

Decorative ideas
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Functional furniture

What your bedroom does not have enough space to place a desk and a wardrobe? In the picture above this article you will see a solution for it. It is fit a table between the lockers, to have a place to work comfortably and maximizing every centimeter of the room. In the kitchen they are very practical the corners and removable furniture, as it is usually one of the rooms where more nooks almost impossible find.

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Corners and corners

What to exploit every corner of the house and horses with these ideas can be literal. I mean, you can put some furniture assembled corner backs as desktop cabinets or tables that allow you to use that gap in a very comfortable way while very decorative. You can also put interleaved shelves to save space. Look at these examples to see what you think.

Coat hooks and hangers

One way in which you can locate these objects hovering over any table is placing racks and hangers on the wall. You can do this over the nightstands in the bedroom to make glasses or a book and clear the surface of the table; in the bathroom to hang a cloth jars or baskets to keep your smaller or driveway home to leave tissues utensils, take or umbrella.

Decorative ideas
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Hooks on the closet doors

Another place where you can put some very practical hooks is on the inside of the cabinet doors. It is great to keep in order your accessories like scarves, necklaces, belts … Always at hand and leaving the room much clearer.

In the bathroom

By generally be the smallest room in the house, the bathroom becomes that place there is to exploit the little space available. To do this, place a rack over the toilet with wicker baskets, for example, to leave your things tidy. The other can expose as nice towels. It will give a cozy feel. Visit for more home improvement ideas.

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