What is a Meter Box Cover?

What is a meter box cover? This is a question that is often asked by homeowners, when dealing with a meter that might be past its best. A meter box is basically a plastic or metal structure, which is placed in the yard in order to protect the device that registers the amount of energy that is generated inside your home. As the name suggests, this device is used to keep track of the generated energy and is also used as a storage box, so that it does not have to be removed often.

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Why do you need a box cover? You need one, because there are various reasons that this device may come in handy. It is important to protect the inner mechanisms of the meter, such as dials and wiring from the outside elements. The boxes come with instructions for installation, and they also give detailed instructions on how to use the meter properly. Other people may have them for their own home, to protect it from the elements. For a replacement Electric Meter box, visit Meterbox

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Where can you buy them? You can get this type of cover at any local hardware store. Also, you should have no problem finding them online, as there are quite a few manufacturers that sell them. How much will it cost to install one? Usually you won’t have to pay much for a meter box cover, whether it;s plastic or metal. You might want to have a professional install it for you though.


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