Why Limescale Can Be a Problem For Your Hot Water

Many people are unaware that limescale can be a problem for your hot water boiler. This is because they believe that this is caused by the water splashing around inside your boiler as it is heated.

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This can easily be avoided in many cases, but you should always ensure that the water drains away from the boiler and then into another drain pan before it reaches its maximum temperature. Once it reaches its boiling point, you risk burning out the burner and causing damage to your heating system.You may then need to speak to a Boiler Repair Bristol company to come and fix any problems. You can a Contact Bristol Boiler Service if you have any issues with your heating system.

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When water is heated to its boiling point, it expands, and sometimes this causes water to flow quickly through pipes. In most cases, this extra water is not what you are looking for, and with it can come unwanted rust, stains and debris. If you notice a small amount of rust coming off your hot water pipe, you are not alone.

Other people do not realise what they are seeing and may simply think that the water is simply running hot and causing rust. If you have noticed large deposits of mineral build up around your hot water pipes or if you see bits of debris floating in the water, you should speak to a boiler service professional straightaway to find out exactly what is causing this.