Vases of colored sand

colored sand

Vases of colored sand

The manual I teach you today reminded me of those jobs we did at school when we were little glass jars filled with colored chalk. Today I want to show you a DIY very colorful and fun so you can place your plants and flowers in a special way. Let’s look at two ways to do it, so you can choose the one you like.

Vases Sand

The first DIY I teach you’ve seen on the blog Ruffled. It is to customize some vases with colored sand to decorate a special place in a very fun way. To make this craft you will need:

  • A knife.
  • Sand colors.
  • The vases, glasses or glass jars.
  • Flowers.

colored sand

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How to make your jars of colored sand

Become with colored sand in any craft store. Choose your favorite colors or those that will better match the decor of your home. Starts pouring one of them to create the base of the vase. With the knife, you can go to shape the design you want to have, placing it on the edge and making more or less wavy … As desired shape you like.

Add more colors

Now, take the second color. In this tutorial recommend that each layer is at least about 5 centimeters thick. Repeat the movement with the knife to model to your taste. You can also make leaning a little vase, but always avoiding mixing colors. Keep adding sand of different shades. You can create the layers you want, depending on the size that has the vase.

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Place plants

When you have filled roughly three quarters of the vase placed flowers and your personalized design continues around the stems, pouring more sand to the end and fills it completely. Remember that live plants will not survive in these vases, as they have no substrate to grow, so you have to go for artificial flowers.

Succulent terrarium colors

Now let’s make another very cool terrarium colors to plant some succulent (not true, but the truth is that it seems …). This is the blog DIY Design Improvised.

colored sand

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Step by Step

For this craft has used three glass jars and sand colors in pink, mint, turquoise, gold and white tones. In this case they have not used the knife to design drawing of sand into the container rather they have been crafting tilting the jar or simply moving sand while check inside. You will also see that the layers are thinner and the jar is not completely filled, roughly three quarters.

Placing succulents

With a wire cutter have cut the stems of succulent and have been placed on top of the sand. As you can see in the images, they look amazing from any angle, so it will serve to create a very colorful and special decoration for the corner where you decide to place. Remember that you can customize to your liking the choice of colors to match or stand out a lot with the rest of the stay.

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