Decorating a baby shower: The details that make the difference

baby shower

Decorating a baby shower: The details that make the difference

A baby shower is a gathering of friends after the baby’s birth in which gifts are exchanged and enjoy a fun party. And like any self-respecting party in the decoration plays a key to acclimate the place of an original and unique way role and, therefore, today we will have some ideas to incorporate details that make the difference.

They cannot miss balloons and colorfully, but you can add many more elements to design decorated with personality, cheerful and original. If you’re planning to celebrate the arrival of your little you cannot lose what we tell you then.

baby shower

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Decorative food

I love food decorating. In a baby shower cannot miss cupcakes colors, even with some allusive drawing on its design as a baby feet or a pacifier, for example. You can also include transparent jars with jellybeans to give much color to your party. Another very healthy idea is to place on the table brochettes of fruit, which also give much color to the decor. A table with a cake and decorated cookies will be another essential in this area dedicated to food.

Signature book

If you want guests to your baby shower, leave a memory you can decorate the party area by placing a signature book. Two simple and original ideas:

  1. Make a mural with fine strings in which you hang with tweezers notes of paper or cardboard shaped body. Your guests can leave messages on them.
  2. Place a white card with a drawing of the trunk and branches of a tree (you can do it, actually buy or make a printable online). Next, leaving a jar with paint colors or a buffer with ink so that your guests can put their fingerprint on each of the branches and create a nice souvenir of your party.
baby shower

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Fun drinks

Besides food with food, you can also decorate with drink. Prepare some delicious fruit juices or homemade cocktails and place them in glasses that simulate bottles or other glass that add some decoration through straws. With colorful drink itself have’re giving a very cool touch to your party.

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Rubber duckies

The rubber duckies are fun and can help you create a very cool decor. You can put them in large water or strategically spread your party bowl.

Colorful balloons

A baby shower without balloons seems it is not complete, right. In addition, it is that balloons allow you to design a colorful decor and perfect to celebrate this joyful event. You can incorporate the mint your party in a different way if you choose to advertise at the time the sex of your baby. How to do it? Place several of them in a box, the color you prefer (most representative will be blue for a boy and pink if it’s a girl, but you decide how). Decorate the box outside in a special way so that it can be closed during the celebration and, when the time comes to open it, your party will be filled with colorful balloons and discover all the baby’s sex honoree.

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