How to decorate leaving wires in sight

Normally we seek camouflage but what happens if we do the opposite? Leave cables in sight does not seem a very decorative solution, but when you see the thoughts that I teach you today I think you’ll change your mind. This is to make the most of an element that we neglect completely or try to cover so that it is not seen. But today I invite you all to become protagonists with these original decorative proposals.

Hanging bulbs

One way to take full advantage of your cables is placing hanging bulbs. You can play with the colors to customize this lamp with a certain industrial air but fits perfectly in a Nordic style. Only you need cable, a lamp holder and bulb. Remain very cool!

leaving wires
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Cables with pulleys

You can decorate your walls with wires by placing a pulley system that serves you to put a light bulb in a more original way. You can also do with some wooden blocks and longer cable, designing a nice picture for your wall. Look at these two examples; do you like how they look?


We go crazy when wires are crossed and there is no way to undo this mess … But if you can create a tangle of cables crisscrossing strategically, you can design a very cool atmosphere. You can put several out of the ceiling for lamps on a table, for example. Yes, you do it with restraint so that it is good and not excessive. If the stay is in white colored wires used.

leaving wires
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A bouquet of bulbs

Another way to use your cables to decorate is to create a bunch of bulbs. Again using the hanging, we mentioned before and tied several socket with a knot or a ring. You can also make a braid with them ending in the bulbs…

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Subjects with washi tape

Another way to decorate your home using the cables is holding those who are loose with a tape washi tape. It is very simple and allows a lot of possibilities, since you can make a fully customized design as to how to put the cable, color and drawing the tape … Another variation is to use some colored vinyl to trim shaped leaf, for example, and create a kind of tree using the wire as if the trunk. Thus, they will not be on the floor and decorate corners very fun way.

leaving wires
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Skyline on your wall

If your wall has no life and want to give a renewed air, uses cables you have close to design the skyline of your favorite city. Look at art!

Letters and drawings

Use a sufficiently long cable so you can make several turns with it and write a word with it, or draw a picture … It’s a matter of casting to the imagination fly and get a very original design to any room.

You can play with color to create beautiful and cheerful contrasts also with the chosen material because you can put a stronger rope instead of the typical cable or even cover this with crochet, for example, to give a fully customized air. What it is you to be creative and let your imagination help you design a unique decor making the most of these elements are always looking to hide. It is time to let them out!

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