How to Open a Fish Store: Instructions and Calculation of Investments

How to Open a Fish Store: Instructions and Calculation of Investments

How to Open a Fish Store: Instructions and Calculation of Investments

Today on the blog of – a fish day, we will consider all the pros and cons of opening a fish store.

This kind of goods is positively estimated by many entrepreneurs, and I know even those who already have one or several outlets with a non-food assortment, are thinking how to open a fish store. high hm home

1. Undisputed advantages of fish business

Fish is a useful and affordable product. Due to the variety of varieties, it is affordable for the representatives of very well-off strata of the population, and for the middle class, and a low-income person can indulge himself with herring.How to Open a Fish Store: Instructions and Calculation of Investments

I propose to consider all the advantages one by one:

  • Diversity and affordability of the product;
  • Demand for goods – fish is a useful product, for a certain percentage of consumers it is a complete replacement for meat;
  • The fish business does not require large investments and is characterized by quick payback;
  • Trade in fish is a stable and high income.

If all this inspires you, and you are ready to get all the information how to open a fish store, now I will try to tell about it as much as possible.

2. Lack of fish business

Today I decided not to draw tables. One drawback against the four advantages – everything is as clear as it is in the palm of your hand. Therefore – take my word.

The main shortcoming of fish trade is a huge competition. Although, on the other hand, how can a seller of elite fish varieties compete with a seller of fresh, freshly caught river carp?

Aiming to occupy a fishing niche in commerce, find yourself another and a profitable ” raise.” This will reduce competition, and live freshwater fish is even more in demand than the chilled redfish. But this is so – information for consideration.

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3. How to open a fish store, business plan

A fundamental document that guarantees the success of an enterprise and which should appear earlier than the enterprise itself is a competently drawn up business plan . And then how to open a fish store, having a rather vague notion of how much it is necessary to invest, what items of expenditure to close initially and how much do you plan to receive as a result?

Each paragraph of the plan is prescribed clearly so that it can be understood by a stranger ( suddenly the investor will need it), and you yourself were not misled.

Dedicate the section to the risks that are possible in the fishing business, the main ones of which are:

  • Changing sanitary requirements for the outlet;
  • Increase in the purchase price;
  • The seasonal drop in sales;
  • Damage to part of the goods due to the violation of storage conditions;
  • The economic crisis in the country;
  • The emergence of competitors in the maximum geographical proximity (in one area, for example).

4. Everything about the room: location, area, interior

Traditionally, a high level of sales is achieved at retail outlets located in market areas and near public transport stops. No less successfully you can fish business in large sleeping areas, where people are not used to going far for food.

The total area of the store ( with a warehouse) should be at least 35-45 m 2, as the owner, take care of the spacious salesroom and the visibility of the goods in the windows.

Exquisite interior for a fish store is useless, in this segment, compliance with storage conditions is more important. But if you want soriginalnichat, paint the walls in a turquoise color and decorate the hall with several “gold” fishes of foil. It will not be boring.

5. Equipment

The fish store is also good because it does not require a lot of equipment. You can count everything you need on your fingers:

  • Trade counter (for goods leave);
  • Electronic balance;
  • 1-2 refrigerated display cases;
  • Medium temperature refrigerator;
  • Freezer chest;
  • Racks for related products;
  • Air conditioning.

6. Schedule of work

Fish stores are not those outlets that people go too early in the morning: retirees and housewives go out for shopping nearer to dinner, working buyers get on their way home.

Therefore it is reasonable to start the working day not earlier than 10 am and finish at 20.00.

Weekend – at your discretion, depending on the number of sellers.How to Open a Fish Store: Instructions and Calculation of Investments

7. Suppliers and assortment

If you have a task before you, how to open a fish store from scratch, and the business plan is almost ready, make sure to include a section-list of positions in it.

That is – first determine the range, and then look for the supplier.

Study the experience of the clones through passive observation: just look at what fish are best bought in other stores. But do not get hung up on 3-5 positions, there should be at least ten of them:

  • Live fish ( plus crayfish);
  • Smoked fish;
  • Salted fish of red varieties;
  • Seafood;
  • Chilled fish;
  • Frozen fish;
  • Canned fish;
  • Dried and dried fish;
  • Caviar;

Also, do not use the services of only one supplier, many of them work in a highly specialized way and can offer only two or three product names. When choosing a supplier, be guided by such factors:

  • Reliability and good faith (quality goods should be delivered to the store on time);
  • The possibility of delivery of products to the store;
  • Geographically close location.

The last item is especially relevant when trading live fish. The goods should not only come alive in the live store but also get into the hands of the buyer. Ideally, if there are fish farms or private ponds nearby.

8. How much does it cost to open a fish store from scratch?

Let’s count:

  • Rental of premises (per month) – 35-45 thousand dollars;
  • Equipment (purchase and installation) – 200 thousand dollars;
  • Commodity stock – 100 thousand dollars;
  • Salary to employees – 60-80 thousand dollars;
  • Advertising – 50 thousand dollars;
  • Unexpected expenses – 20 thousand dollars.

Total: 495 thousand dollars will be the initial investment.

Next, you should constantly accumulate funds to promote your business: do not give up advertising, buy fresh goods, and expand the range, pay taxes, rent, and work of hired workers.

In a month it will be approximately 250-300 thousand.

8.1. Conclusion on the payback period

A store in a busy area can fully realize up to 200 kilograms of products a day.

The mark-ups for fish range from 30% to 60%.

With a competent organization of trade, the initial costs are repaid in 10-14 months.How to Open a Fish Store: Instructions and Calculation of Investments

9. Three useful tips

  • If from the realization of the idea to open a fish store from scratch you are constrained by a seasonal decrease in demand for this product, then the problem can be solved quite easily: reduce the range of smoked fish and supplement the list of products with accompanying beer, large loose olives, olive oil, and bottled water.
  • Avoid partnership with intermediaries offering allegedly smoked fish. The essence of its “smoking” is the treatment of “liquid smoke” and questionable brine.
  • Learn by yourself and teach the staff to understand the varieties and the friability of fish. Do not let the vendors deceive themselves.

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With these simple rules, you will soon develop a professional sense of the product and you will easily cope with their duties and provide buyers with quality products.

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