Offices in black and white

Since we have no choice but to spend much of the day working, the best we can do is create a working environment in which we feel comfortable. Of course, there must be a place that promotes concentration and allow us to be more productive. For example, if you spend many hours on the computer, ideally office or the office is tastefully decorated and following some basic recommendations for this type of space: enhance the natural light, have good artificial lighting, choose ergonomic chairs … Moreover, it is important to choose colors carefully, because they have much influence on our mood.

Black and White Office
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When decorating work areas many opt to give prominence to neutral colors, but including some touches of more cheerful hues. If you like the idea, a good option is to opt for the black-white pairing, that not only timeless, but it can create sober and elegant spaces. Today BixiDeco are some examples and also are some tips and interesting ideas. Can you come with us?

Ideal for offices and minimalist offices

The black and white combination fits different decorative styles. That itself is the queen of the minimalist decor, as you know, is based on the maxim “less is more”, offering many advantages: there is less to clean, allows you to save money, it makes you feel more relaxed, it is elegant … Moreover, you should know that this combination is ideal for offices of Nordic inspiration. In fact, in our gallery you can find some examples of work areas Scandinavian style decorated in black and white.

Black and White Office
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Depending on the size and natural light

Decorate the office in black and white is always a good idea. Yes, you know that it is best that the first of the predominant colors for the space more light and visually expand the space. This rule is even more important for offices and offices with few square meters. But if it is a large work area, you can give more prominence to black.

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Black and White Office
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How to use the black and white

As I just discussed, the ideal is that white is the main color of such offices and offices. In fact, it is best to be present in the wider, especially in ceiling and wall surfaces. Of course, if it is a large space, you can also choose to paint a wall of black. In this regard, you should know that in recent times it has become fashionable to paint the wall of the worktable with paint slate, which can be black. Undoubtedly, this is a very practical solution. Another good idea to give prominence to black is behoove you to the ground. Of course, as normal is that the black only part of the accessories, decorative objects and some pieces of auxiliary furniture.

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