7 proposals to give life to your basement

If you have a basement at home, know that does not have to be a dark and forgotten space. Quite the opposite! With ideas, we will see today will get give much life to this place that usually found in single – family homes or townhouses, a private, intimate and distant space noise that we can get much game to make it a cozy, bright and comfortable stay. You want to know how?

1. Movie theater

Would you like to have a home theater? Maybe it’s easier than you think … And if your basement as a screening room this space become a place to enjoy your favorite movies. You just have to put some comfortable sofas with lots of cushions and a large TV. To decorate the room, you can include very cool retro popcorn and a movie poster or film theme.

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2. Leisure room

Basements are usually open spaces where the decorative possibilities are enormous. Another idea is to create an entertainment room and games in this area of your home. Here you can put a pool table or foosball (or both …), a wet bar where you can drink while you share games with your views, and decorated according to this subject protagonist, with some retro machine pinball, for example.

3. Gym

If you love sports, install a gym in your basement will be your best choice. You can have an open space large enough to introduce him several machines for your workouts, such as a stationary bike or weight, among others. Ponte music, inspiring and motivating hangs a poster and you’ll see how good you are in this perfect for physical activity personalized space.

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4. Seating Area

Even if your home has a spacious and very valiuym nice lounge, have another seating area in the basement you’ll look like a very good idea. For example, if you have teens may be with their friends without being disturbed and, almost more importantly, they disturb anyone. Not missing comfortable sofas, a TV, a game, a bar or even a small kitchen with a refrigerator and cabinets. In this photo to have included a mini gym …

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5. Children’s Games Room

Transform your basement into a children’s room is another interesting idea. It will be his particular stronghold, his special area where you can play at home and thanks to which you can enjoy moments of silence at the top of the house … And they delighted! And is that going to look great the proposal to have their own space of fun and games. Use bright, cheerful colors in decorating; put soft carpets, cushions and storage for toys. And to have a great time!

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6. Restoration Area

If you have a basement but not cellar, nothing happens, because we can design a similar area in the underground space of the house. Place a bar or bar area, lounge chairs, sofas and a table with many chairs for your guests and enjoy an amazing evening dining.

7. Reading Room

The book lovers can transform your basement into a pleasant reading room. Only it will have to place a large bookcase with books and design that comfortable and cozy corner where devour every page. In this case, the lighting plays a key role as the basements have natural light, apart from some small skylight or window, so it will be essential strategic points of light that allow read comfortably.

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