Decorate the table for special occasions

Decorate the table

Decorate the table for special occasions

If you like entertaining at home, you enjoy taking care of every little detail and spoiling your guests, you cannot miss the ideas that you propose in today’s article to wear a tag table.

Sometimes you do not need to spend a fortune to boast decoration. From a nice message to a simple vase of flowers. We explain the keys to your guests love decorating a table for special occasions.

Illuminate a holiday table

Too strong light can dazzle our guests, while a very low light can cause fatigue and depression, especially during lunch or dinner. We must therefore properly illuminate the dining table to create the perfect atmosphere and make our food look appetizing.

Decorate the table

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If the dining table is rectangular, our advice is to put a row of lamps along the table. We must distribute several points lighting to avoid areas with more light than others.

Whereas if the dining table is round, we can put a ceiling in the middle of it. As for the distance between the dining table and the lamp should be about 70 centimeters.

Have other points as secondary light lamps standing or desktop will help us strengthen enlightenment. Although, of course, as far as possible we should take advantage of natural light, placing the dining table near a window.

Nor can we forget the candlesticks, candelabras and candleholders. We help decorate and illuminate the dining table. But note that this light cannot replace a lamp.

Flowers for a table tag

You cannot miss in any self-respecting table. But there are many other possibilities besides the traditional decorative flower arrangement. For example, you can tie a few flowers in the back seat with the help of a string.

Another option is to place a small twig on the napkins. If you do not want to use natural flowers because they can leave valtrex online traces, artificial flowers are a great choice.

Decorate the table

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But if you prefer traditional centerpieces with flowers, we recommend a very special: try to fill a glass bowl with lemon slices accompanied by seasonal flowers. And as a finishing touch, tie a ribbon on the container neck, matching the color of the petals.

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Messages and special details

If you want to conquer your guests, try to put on each dish a paper or poster with your name and a message special. Another option may be a tagger table is also a very decorative piece.

If you do not have limit on your budget, you can always surprise your guests by offering them a small gift. You do not have to spend a fortune, you can wrap in small packets every whim, like scented candles, candy, sweets, chocolates …

If you like crafts, you can always fold the napkins in some special way to conquer diners. Something simple and nice? Try enroll cloth napkin around one or two covered and tie using a string. As they usually do in the restaurant and hotels.

Decorate the table

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Table linen and tableware

As it regards the table linen, advise you choose textiles that combine with the dishes. For example, a fine china in white is incredibly elegant and combines perfectly with a color table linen and a nice print. This not subtractions prominence to any of these two elements, essential in a well decorated table. Conversely, if you use tableware with color and printed, you can opt for a plain white table linens.

As regards the crockery, glasses and cutlery, all parts must be of the same family so they do not quite match.