Natural items to decorate your home

A natural atmosphere at home is always nice. It is a way that the spaces are comfortable and transmit the serenity that natural elements provide anywhere where we place. It is what we do in our home and for that we bring you some ideas, designed to bring inspiration to create a natural, authentic and without artifice decoration. Yet what we tell you and then you will be able to get.

Natural decoration
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Vegetal fibers

The plant fibers such as rattan or wicker are ideal for a natural decoration. Are great if you want to give a fresh and summery touch to the environment, and you can enter through chairs, tables, chairs, even lamps or almost essential baskets for storage in the bathroom, the living room or the house entrance.


Wood is one of the natural elements that greater warmth brings home. It is very decorative and can include tables, objects, granite, logs that serve as side tables, on the floor or wall. Also, if you like the Scandinavian style, for example, it will become imperative to design these so characteristic environments. Equally ideal for rustic or style vintage. The stripping can paint or even the natural finish always be sure hit.

Natural decoration
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The plants

Is there anything more natural than a plant or flowers? Print freshness and joy in your house and you cannot forget them when you want to design environments like we are describing today. You can use greens, flowerless, smaller or larger, or look for this colorful flower that brings eye candy to your decor. They look great in any room.

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Dry leaves

Since we are in autumn I want to talk of another natural element that cannot fail to use, especially in this season. Dried leaves allow you to create beautiful compositions, either as a centerpiece, in a wreath or even a picture. The can combine with pinecones to give your decor that autumn air.

Natural fabrics

The linen or cotton are two indispensable natural fabrics to create this decoration we try to trace through the different elements that can introduce. They are elegant, simple, warm and welcoming, perfect for dressing your home textiles such as quilts, cushions, curtains, quilts…

Natural decoration
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Feng Shui for the stones are synonymous with tranquility, so if you want to create a serene and natural environment can include them . They come in many shapes, sizes and colors, and can place the way you like and in the corner you prefer. And you can find them in nature itself! Easier, impossible. Another option is to design small stone objects, such as a stack of a sink or a vase, or include it on a wall or in a bathroom countertop.

Water as a balancing element

Water is another natural element that can include, for example, through a source. According to Feng Shui, help to balance the ionic charges of air and this affects our mood. Attract harmony and prosperity and the atmosphere is cooler and clean.

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