Christmas cushions

Right now, we are all running with the pressure Halloween cobwebs hanging, getting costumes or tracing the route for travel for sweets. If not, at least organizing something for the big day it is.

So how do you talk about Christmas cushions? As pass this maelstrom of event, it’s time to start thinking about the next festival, almost the largest of the year: Christmas.

We want not run at the last minute, so I talked over the Christmas cushions so you do not fish just around the corner the rush of 25, exactly two months! Learn more.

Christmas cushions
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Christmas cushions

Considering the anticipation we have for Christmas (just two months), it is the ideal place to start thinking about the decor and the date that grip us alone, happy and home fixed time.

For all these reasons we bring an article about how to make cushions and Christmas.

Decorate your home with the best Christmas decorations.

Christmas cushions
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Christmas cushions: DIY 1

This tutorial to make some Christmas cushions results in a fairly simple cushions, but very suitable for decorating.

The first thing to do is the case, but if you want to unleash your creativity can take cases in solid colors such as green, red or white, so you save you a step.

Now we can choose how to decorate it. In this simple tutorial we will tell you how to make a simple pattern pine, which can be placed in the nursery for Christmas delight.

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Green felt you cut into triangles (with three or four pieces left), taking care that go with each larger triangle, as they represent the layers of pine, all must enter the Christmas cushions leaving a space around it.

Once you have the drawbacks, the biggest and first half between the top and bottom of the triangle hit the next in size upward to end the smallest.

Christmas cushions
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Let dry for them to look good.

You can now hide those separations with ribbons or garlands representing the Christmas tree or leave them well and give a very natural style.

At the top you can place a star yellow cushions that adorn these navigates where to place

We all think in the lounge when we talk about decorative pillows, but they can go in the bedroom or in the studio if you have such.

If they get on a sofa you can be complemented with a cloth in green, red or white and on this the Christmas cushions. The result is gorgeous.

Did you like this little tutorial of Christmas cushions? This was just an idea, explore your imagination!

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