Modern TV Cabinets

Modern TV Cabinets

Modern TV Cabinets

Manufacturers are gradually transforming large and small TV cabinets into a separate storage section. The furniture in modern style accommodates a game console, compact speakers, it gives the opportunity to place magazines, personal and other things. About the choice of quality TV cabinets, we will talk with you today.

Modern TV Cabinets

Varieties of products

Choosing this element of the situation, remember that there are several types of thumbs, differing in size, design features, and type of installation. Consider each of them.

Corner TV Stand

This type of furniture, as we understand from the name, is installed in the corner. It will be the best solution for rooms with a non-standard layout, for example, a foam-shaped form. Please note that the corner TV models are designed for old-fashioned equipment, the back of which differs in solid dimensions.

Modern TV Cabinets

The floor corner model is somewhat like a small chest of drawers because it is equipped with shelves and miniature cabinets in which you can store disks, chargers for devices, newspapers, magazines. The most advantageous corner product looks in small rooms.

Nightstands in modern style with a bracket

Outdoor furniture combines the features of the futuristic and modern design. It is equipped with a bracket for a flat-panel TV, this design element helps to adjust the angle of inclination and rotation of the screen. Suitable for large rooms, consists of 2 parts:

  • Bottom part resembling storage system. There are compartments for small equipment, books, magazines;
  • The bracket to which the TV is attached.

Such models are adored by people who are fond of playing consoles or having children. The fact is that the screen, using the bracket, can be rotated so that it is clearly visible to the person lying or sitting on the floor.

Modern TV Cabinets

Suspended models (with photo)

Hanging TV cabinets seem to hover in the air. They are mounted directly on the wall so that all the elements necessary to control the TV are at hand. Often these coasters are surrounded by additional modular shelves, made in the same color and style. This solution is an excellent alternative to getting rid of massive cabinets in the living room and other rooms.

Modern TV Cabinets

Suspended models in modern style can be narrow and wide, large and miniature, the latter help to significantly save space in small apartments. Under the hanging furniture, there is a lot of free space where you can put things or hide the folding table.

Modern TV Cabinets

Chests for TV (outdoor)

If the room is small, but you need to place a TV, bed and storage system in it, it is better to replace the cabinet with a compact and high dresser. It is equipped with closed 4-8 drawers, it can also be supplemented with 2-4 open shelves, which depends on the design features. The chest of drawers accommodates clothes and items necessary for a comfortable life of 1-2 people. The use of such TV cabinets is a practical solution aimed at effective zoning.

Modern TV Cabinets

Little tables

Another type of TV cabinets with a lightweight design. To create this type of furniture in modern style is used tempered shockproof glass that can withstand heavy loads. The table is supplemented with legs of a certain height, and under the glass, there is a thin shelf for storing remote controls, headsets, newspapers and other trifles.

Modern TV Cabinets


Racks – thin and compact stand in a modern style. This is a metal or wooden construction on stable legs, an oval or rectangular platform, complemented by mounts for TV. It can be immobile or equipped with wheels, ideal for rooms in the style of minimalism, high-tech.

Modern TV Cabinets


An innovative model that makes using TV easier and more convenient. It is a square or rectangular cabinet, equipped with a hidden mechanism. With it, you can hide the TV while you are not watching it.

There are also functions for changing the position, height, angle of the screen. Management is performed using the remote control, all processes are automated. The only negative is the high cost. Therefore, models with an elevator are not yet available for ordinary buyers.

Modern TV Cabinets

Tip!  If it is not possible to install a separate TV stand in the room, then consider purchasing a solid or modular furniture wall. In this design, the cabinet is combined with cabinets, shelves, mirrors.

How to choose good TV cabinets, given the characteristics of the room?

Choosing a product designed for TV, pay attention to a number of useful tips:

  • Load. Specify the maximum weight that the furniture can withstand. Keep in mind that this figure includes the weight of the TV. The mass of the model with a diagonal of 43-46 “ranges from 10 to 12-13 kg. If you keep things and small appliances in furniture, choose a product with a maximum load of 30-40 kg or more.
  • Options.For small rooms suitable long and narrow products with compartments for storage. For spacious rooms you can choose any model, modular designs look the most impressive.
  • Mobility. The considered element of the situation can be both stationary and mobile. The latter option is used either in large rooms or in miniature ones, in which a sofa or a pull-out bed can be laid out for the night.
  • Fittings. It should correspond to the design of furniture, today you can buy TV stands, devoid of handles (technology Push to open and others).

Modern TV Cabinets

Choosing furniture in modern style, look at the products painted in black and white, as well as pastel shades. Well in this interior will look like the layout of glass and metal, smooth natural wood.

What influences the price of furniture? Review of materials

Choosing a TV stand in a modern style, you need to know that they are made from different materials. Models made of natural wood and veneers have the highest price; middle-budget options are furniture made of MDF or chipboard. The cost is directly affected by the design. Curbstone, made of glass and chrome-plated elements according to the author’s sketch, can be 100% more expensive than a product from an elite sort of wood.

Modern TV Cabinets

When choosing a material, keep in mind that furniture from cheap chipboard quickly loses its appeal. The greatest simplicity in the care products are made of glass, they look good in the interior, bringing lightness to it.

Important!  In no case should products made of plastic, wood and its derivatives be installed near batteries? Thermal exposure leads to drying, deformation of this group of materials.

Modern TV Cabinets

But the wooden cabinets look presentable, have a long period of operation. They are not suitable for wet rooms (living rooms combined with a kitchen or dining room). Plastic models have a low price, they are not afraid of moisture, but this furniture has one major drawback – instability. Therefore, at the wrong time, it can simply roll over.

When choosing, be guided by the design and dimensions of the room, the type of TV. Remember that modern colors are dominated by discreet colors, flowing lines and natural materials.

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