How to Restore a Bamboo Cabinet?

How to restore a bamboo cabinet

How to Restore a Bamboo Cabinet?

Bamboo furniture is a highly decorative and recommended option, especially in outdoor spaces. Although they are a great option to decorate the garden, to keep them as the first day we must carry out frequent maintenance. If we let time pass without maintaining them, we will begin to see that they lose shine, peel or pickle and even break.

If you have bamboo outdoor furniture at home with stains and scratches caused by the passage of time, rain and other environmental culprits, take note of everything you need to know to clean your bamboo furniture and leave it looking like new. In this article, we will teach you some tricks, which are available to anyone, so that you learn How to restore a bamboo cabinet.

How to restore a bamboo cabinet?

The first thing you have to do is sand the surface of your bamboo chair using a manual sander and preferably medium grain, or do it by hand with sandpaper or sandpaper, which will help you remove the remains of varnish and other products of your furniture. When you have finished sanding the entire surface of bamboo wood, remember to remove any traces of dust by wiping it with a cloth dampened in water.

How to restore a bamboo cabinet

Check the surface well once you have cleaned it with the cloth and if you see any area where there is still varnish or other residues, then repeat the steps mentioned only in this part.

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Protect your bamboo furniture to restore it

The next step will be to apply a colorless primer with an insecticidal and fungicidal action. Something that has to be done on wooden furniture, be it bamboo and wicker or other woods, but especially if it is an outdoor piece of furniture that will be exposed to this type of threat.

Once the product has completely dried, you can continue to protect your bamboo furniture, also applying a matte protector, which acts as a protector against the rays of the sun and water, which greatly damage bamboo furniture.

Decoration, paint and varnish for bamboo furniture

The last step for the restoration and maintenance of bamboo furniture is to apply the external and final layers on the surface of these. Thus, as a final decorative touch, if you want to keep the furniture in the color of natural bamboo, we suggest directly using a special exterior varnish that will provide extra protection for your bamboo furniture.

If you do not want it natural, before applying a transparent varnish for exteriors, decorate and paint it to your liking, but above all, do not forget to protect your furniture against sun rays, insect pests and changes in temperature first.

You will find all the special products for bamboo furniture for sale in stores specialized in decoration and DIY. Do not forget to ask the shop assistant for advice.

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