Keys to decorate my first home


Keys to decorate my first home

At last the time has come that we were waiting for: our first house. Do you feel that sense of independence, that excitement of starting a new stage of your life? We want to go with you right now and that is why we have selected some ideas that can help you when decorating your first home.

It is an interesting project, but also quite stressful. We want to make things simple and that is why we have set ourselves the following question: what should I consider when decorating my first house? Here are the answers.


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Cheap is expensive

First of all, we want to remind you of a famous saying: cheap is expensive. Decorate the first home is a project that involves effort and, most often, a significant outlay of money.

Even though we have not had to work, whether we like it or not, we’ll have to spend some money. Therefore, we recommend investing in high-quality furniture, especially suffer the most routine of everyday life. We are referring for example to the couch, the bed frame with mattress and major appliances (washing machine, refrigerator …).

If furniture and appliances from your previous home are in good condition, you can use them. But if you think you need to renew, the move to your new apartment can be a good time.


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Now or never: Do not procrastinate reforms

Another aspect that we must also consider the brand new house are small reforms. Walls need a paint mana, baseboards in disrepair, floors are scratches … If not for new work may find yourself with small details that need attention.

We recommend you do all these repairs before you start furnishing the house and make the move. The vast majority of people often put all these small reforms and leaves them for another time, when they could save some money.

Procrastinating is a major danger because you will never find the right time to do all those things you have planned. The best chance for these reforms is before going to live in our new home, since all the rooms are completely empty.

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Draw a floor plan and “decorated” on paper

We have all the completely empty (or almost) home, so now may be a good time to think about the distribution of each room. No need to keep the same distribution as the previous owner. Except the bathroom and we are more limited by technical and installation issues kitchen.

To do this, a good idea can be to make a plane with all spaces of the house. Draw all the little details that can have that room, doors, radiators, windows … And now begins to draw the furniture and accessories you would like to place in every room. By doing this simple exercise will have a much more graphic spatial reference that will help you when choosing your furniture.


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Find your style

Already you have it all figured out? In that case, it is time to choose the type of furniture and accessories you want to have at home and decorative style. Nordic, contemporary, classic, rustic, exotic, ethnic, eclectic, colorful, natural, industrial …

There are plenty of decorative styles, so we recommend choosing pieces that you like but you also prove practical and functional. Avoid recharging environments with hundreds of items and think about what things you really need.

The importance of measuring …

Finally, do not forget our great friend: the subway. Measure each and every one of the rooms and spaces before purchasing a new cabinet.

You do not have space for your old sofa in the new room? Try to give a new life, perhaps in another room of the house. Although you can also sell second hand or give it away.

And you, what advice would you recommend us to decorate our first home?