Assembling a Christmas nativity scene step by step

In European countries and even the United States, the nativity scene is a symbol as important as Christmas tree. However, in some homes this tradition is being lost in favor of the tree and other typical elements of these dates: Santa Claus, socks, candy canes, reindeer …

If you are someone who thinks the nativity scene cannot miss in a house during Christmas, you have children at home (the kids love it) or simply this year you want to give your home a touch more Christmas, we recommend do not miss anything we tell you then and today we will explain how to mount it step by step. Would you like to join us?

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Plan the nativity scene

Before you get to work with building your crib, we recommend that you plan well. In this way, it will be much easier and faster. So, ideally you draw it first on paper, taking into account all the figures you want to place, the size of these, available space, accessories … Of course it is important to get all the elements you need to complete.

Search for the proper surface

If you clear all the elements you need to build your crib, you will find an area to place all the pieces. You can take advantage of any table you have at home. Of course, if you want the Christmas spirit breathes upon entering your home, it is best that you place it in the hall. Although you can place the figures directly on the table, always protecting it with paper or other material. You can also opt for a panel of measurement you want. You can buy or create it yourself.

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The floor and background

Believe it or not, the floor and the bottom of the crib are very important in the final outcome. In the case of soil, it may be a good idea that you draw on cardboard Based on the territory of Palestine. It is very important that you not forget the rivers as they give much play (on them can put bridges). Materials such as Styrofoam, plaster, cork, wood, straw, stones, artificial grass, paper and, of course, the moss (natural or artificial) can help you. On the substance, you should know that in the Christmas markets and decorating stores you can find very beautiful scenery funds. Of course, with skill and patience you can draw them yourself.

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Place figures

Once you have mounted the scenery of your crib, you can start placing nativity scene figures. You should choose them depending on several factors. For example, if you do not want to spend too much money but want to question a complete nativity scene, you can opt for plastic parts, which are very economical. If you want an elegant nativity scene, you can choose to create only the birth scene. Of course, if you have kids at home, it is best to opt for placing other figures: pastors, all kinds of animals, blacksmiths … As for the Magi, you must place them away from the site, although you ‘ll have to move a little each day.

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On the other hand, you should know that supplements are essential in completing the crib. For example, you cannot go olivarte the site where the main figures. You can also place pieces of logs, bridges, mills, wells, animal pens, houses … Of course, you must not forget to enlightenment. What we recommend is that you always opt lights LED, which are the least consumed.

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