Ideas for decorating bedrooms for siblings

When two (or more) siblings sharing a room you need to look decorative and organizational solutions that enable a harmonious coexistence. This is the space to be exploited as possible and that small have some privacy when they wish and can enjoy shared moments of games. Today we will see several ideas for decorating bedrooms for siblings who are going to be very interesting when distributing the elements of this stay.

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The first idea I propose is to play with colors for the room of the brothers. You can differentiate the space of each using different but complementary tones, so that a harmonious and balanced decoration is believed but allows differentiation between them if they wish. Sometimes depending on what age it is important to strengthen their personality.

Parallel beds

If you put the beds in parallel you can play with headboards making this wall becomes the focal point of the room. You can place the same or may even be different if they feel more identified with their own bed.

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A shared room requires great organizational skills to prevent further disorder that could have in a bedroom where a person lives alone. For this, it uses functional furniture, uses storage space vertically, under beds … If you want to customize using different colors in your drawers or put their names so that each brother knows where to store your things. You can also put different wallpaper on each door of your closet or a decorative vinyl.

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Placing beds

The beds are the furniture that take up more space (especially if the cabinets are built) but quiet, there are different solutions to optimize the square meters available. The train type are very practical for a rectangular bedroom, the trundle beds are also interesting because they take up little space, the bunks are always a good solution, whether they are folding as if they are, say, mounted. Everything will depend on the space you have in your home.

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Different areas

If you stay permits for its size, you can make different areas inside the bedroom: one dedicated to rest where the beds, one for are leisure with toys, a large carpet, a library with stories … and one for the study with large desk fill the wall, for example, and two chairs placed for the brothers work in this place, or if they concentrate better off apart, put two separate tables.

Theme rooms

Another decorative idea for shared rooms may be to design a space theme. This can be tricky if children are different in different age or sex, because it can be more difficult to bring their tastes. However, although they have different, you can always create two spaces in which everyone can enjoy their favorite superhero or that subject he likes, but has nothing to do with his roommate …

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