Improving home security: 8 essentials

Improving home security: 8 essentials

Home security does not only mean installing a burglar alarm and relying on it to keep thieves at bay but also implementing a variety of precautions and ensuring the whole family are vigilant when it comes to safeguarding their home.

Improving home security

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The Telegraph reports that 176 families are victims of burglary every single day. To avoid becoming one of the unlucky ones, here are some essential tips for improving home security.

Avoid emptiness states that the vast majority of burglaries are committed by opportunists who will target homes that look unoccupied. For this reason, it is important to give the illusion that someone is home even when this is not the case. Use timers so that lights throughout the house come on intermittently and ask neighbours to collect your post or park their car in your drive if you are planning a trip.

Perimeter defences

While perimeter defences such as walls and high fences offer some deterrence, they are often easily penetrable. The problem is that some homeowners feel more secure when they are enclosed and this can lead to them becoming nonchalant about other security precautions. The best protection is an impenetrable cialis online defence such as a large, electric gate such as automatic gates by, a Gloucester automatic gate supplier.


Motion detector lighting is a cheap and effective way to deter burglars who certainly do not want to find themselves illuminated. Not only is this type of lighting likely to scare them off but also it alerts anyone in the home to movement outside.

Secure the entrances

If burglars manage to get close to the home, it is important that all entrances are secure. Installing deadbolts on doors locks them to the frame, making them tougher to force open. Peepholes are also a good idea. Substantial window locks and pins may also offer extra security. Don’t forget to secure any other entry points, such as attic vents, skylights and garages.


Finally, installing an alarm is one of the biggest psychological deterrents to burglars. Although these don’t present a physical obstruction, the noise an alarm creates may frighten them or prevent them attempting to gain access. Look for an alarm that is not easy for a burglar to disable but is simple enough for the whole family to confidently use.

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