Bathroom furniture with legs Duravit

Bathroom furniture is essential. They keep all kinds of cosmetics, towels, razors, soaps, hair dryers, hair irons … It is clear that any of us need to put order in an area of our home that should not only be able to create an intimate atmosphere, but it should also be opened to the practical, what one appreciates in his day.

So today I want to speak of bathroom furniture with legs Duravit, since they are able to offer a superior storage space which usually offers bathroom furniture is suspended.

Bathroom furniture
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The best option in some cases

Not having any contact with the ground is something that is appreciated visually because it gives the feeling that the bathroom is bigger. Also they facilitate the work when cleaning by the simple fact that it costs less sweeping the floor below. However, there are walls that do not allow for secure fixing and force us to choose those that come with legs.

Those who created Duravit are in permanent contact with the ground and offer considerable storage space. Thanks to L-Cube program have been released and are now also available for the series Vero, X-Large and Happy D.2. So tell us, it is a decision made after hearing the requests of their customers, who apparently prioritized the fact of having furniture able to accommodate all utensils bathroom.

Bathroom furniture
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Material and possibilities

The two or four legs that can assemble the furniture in question are made of solid cast zinc, a material modern enough to not tarnish the aesthetics of the whole. They can be placed at the front and at the rear, or only on the front. Furthermore, depending on the target they can be distributed in different ways.

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The options do not end there. The legs of Duravit bathroom furniture are adjustable in height and can be adapted to the tile joints located on the ground without any problem. That makes it possible irregularities in the floor or wall can be corrected visually.

Finally, the German company tells us it is easy cleaning under furniture with a vacuum cleaner or other cleaning products. Having seen in the images is clear that is not mission impossible, but as I mentioned above are suspended furniture that let you clean the floor more easily.

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