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Make life in the kitchen has become a priority for many people. And there is nothing more comfortable as breakfast, lunch or dinner at home this important space and not have to move plates, cutlery and other items each time you hit the mealtimes. The problem is that homes today are characterized by a lack of square meters, making it very difficult to install an office in most kitchens. Of course, no matter how small the space, we can choose a solution that is becoming more popular. We are referring to the kitchens with bar.

kitchen with bar
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This type of kitchens are inspired by the houses of the US, which is very common to find open kitchen to the living room, the bar element being used to separate environments. Therefore, this splitter has adopted this name. If you like this idea for your home, we recommend you do not miss anything of what we tell you then, as today we will show you a lot of images of kitchens of this type. Would you like to join us?

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Advantages of open kitchens

A resource increasingly used is the open kitchen to living room, because in this way you gain amplitude. And do not think that this is the only advantage of the open kitchens! It is also important to note that this type of distribution the flow of natural light power, at the hall, which typically have large windows, the kitchen, which usually is usually found in inland areas. Moreover, we must take into consideration that the open kitchens enhance communication with family, as they allow members are more united. Of course, they represent a huge advantage for parents who may be cooking while their children watch in the lounge. Yes, it is advisable to delimit areas that environments are perfectly located. In this sense, the American bars play a key role.

kitchen with bar
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A tremendously functional element

Like I said, thanks to American bars you can create a visual separation between the kitchen and dining room or living room, achieving a smooth transition between the two spaces. But do not think that this kind of elements only have a decorative function, but can be tremendously practical because they can serve multiple functions: to prepare food for breakfast or snack, so the kids do their homework, so that older … to work the bars are practical, it is advisable to install stools, trying to leave a free space under the bar to place your legs comfortably being seated. The seats can be both inside and outside the bar, although it is more common to see them on the side of the room.

kitchen with bar
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American bars of different styles

There are many types of breakfast bar: shaped island shaped peninsula, with two levels, with storage space as an extension of the kitchen furniture … Regardless style and size of the bar, the important thing is that the colors, materials and style chosen add up with the rest of the decor, but if you’re a supporter of the eclectic decor can also opt for a bar that create contrast.


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