Ideas to prepare your terrace and receive the spring

There are only a few days left for the arrival of spring and although we may expect some days with some cold is the time to condition our terrace to receive the change of season, as it deserves. Sure, you already want to have breakfast or dinner in this space outside your home that maybe during the winter you left a little abandoned. Let’s see some ideas to recover all their joy and splendor. It is the most beautiful moment to enjoy this area of your house that surely you have missed much …

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A general cleanliness

Before starting with the decorative proposals as such, it is important that you clean and tune your terrace. For this, you can remove the covers of the furniture if they had them, it is even advisable to give a coat of paint to your terrace if by the humidity of the winter walls or floors have suffered some damage. Sweep dust, leaves and other accumulated dirt and scrub all well. Remove the dead leaves or dead plants that you can have and we can begin to decorate.

terrace decoration
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The first idea that I propose to you is to place textiles and decorative accessories of cheerful colors and spring. If you do not want to renew your cushions every year or your decoration you can buy some new covers or something different to give that renewed touch to your terrace. Vibrant colors, pastels, floral or tropical prints or the Mediterranean touch in blue and white always look wonderful at this time of year.

The lighting

During the spring and summer days natural light will be our best friend on the terrace, but at nightfall you will need some artificial light so that you are comfortable if you decide to have dinner or have an evening outside. You can put lights, lamps, candles, bulbs in the air or also xanax strips of LED lights crossing your terrace.

terrace decoration
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Lights garlands

It is one of my favorite decorative accessories. The wreaths of lights can look nice too when the sun is out and when the day falls, when you turn them on, you will be able to give a very cozy and special touch to your terrace. As I mentioned before, you can opt for larger bulbs or smaller LED lights.

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Spring is the month of flowers! So it’s time to protagonist your exterior decoration. You can go to the nursery or your trusty florist and get the season you know will look incredible at this time of year. You can put some green plants and flowers of varied colors to give much color and joy to your terrace.

terrace decoration
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Decorative complements

Perhaps during the winter you have not placed any decorative object or have put them more focused on the winter theme. Now you have to put more spring elements, such as vases with flowers, magazine, a tray with glass glasses, a basket with blankets in case it refreshes during the night and you want to cover … You can design nice corners like these of the photographs with a furniture of Wood and some objects placed above, or hung from the wall. In the end, these details will be the ones that will give your terrace a lot of personality.

Awnings and sunshades

During the spring and especially in summer the incidence of the sun, depending on the area you live, can prevent you from enjoying good times outdoors. With the arrival of the new station comes the moment also think of placing umbrellas, awnings or pergolas. It may suffice to take what you have saved in the winter or perhaps to renew these elements.

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