How to make a decorative terrarium for a carnivorous plant


How to make a decorative terrarium for a carnivorous plant

If you are passionate about the decoration with plants, this craft that I teach you today I think you will like it. Let’s change the succulent we could put in this container for a carnivorous plant, what do you think? It is the idea that we propose from the blog Good House Keeping and the truth is that I have loved it that is why I bring it here so that you learn to design this terrarium so decorative through a very simple steps.


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Let’s see everything you need to make this beautiful decoration and what care your carnivorous plant needs.

The materials

– A transparent container without cover or drainage.

– Stones for drainage.

– Horticultural coal for terrariums.

– Sand.

– Peat moss.

– Carnivorous plants.

– Distilled water.

From this blog, recommend using organic products whenever possible to avoid chemical additives. These supplies can be found at nurseries or specialty stores. As for the carnivorous plants recommended, you can use Utricularia, Cephalotus or Pitcher plant of Australia or Pinguicula, for example. Surely in the place where you go to buy it advise you which you can plant.


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The steps to making your decorative terrarium

Now in four simple steps you will be able to have your decorative terrarium ready. First, put the stones and charcoal on the bottom of the container. Then add a layer of sand and earth. Then, place the carnivorous plant and to finish add a layer of decorative moss, bark or more stones to give the final touch to the decoration. It’s buy ambien ready! How easy is it?

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How to care for your carnivorous plant

Now that you have made your decorative container, you will have to take good care of your carnivorous plant so that it is always beautiful and healthy. You should keep the base moist, but not too soggy. You can make sure it’s okay to note that the floor is dark brown. When you put the water, let it see a little between the stones of the base, until it goes away and put back.


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Water and light

From this blog, we advise to use distilled water since the tap has some additives such as chlorine that are not easy to process by plants. Carnivores need sunlight, even if they do not expose them directly to the sun’s rays or they can be damaged. Check the nursery care of the species you choose. Do not put lid on the container or put it near the radiators in winter. Remove dead leaves that may appear.

What do they feed on?

Carnivorous plants take energy from photosynthesis, so they only need water and light to survive. However, insects, in this case, act as fertilizers. You do not need to feed your plant if you do not want to, although you can do it with live or dead insects. There are different ways to give them, consult your nursery to inform you of the best way to do it.