Ideas to introduce the color red in the decoration

The red is synonymous with passion. In the decoration is a dynamic color, energetic and daring, very vital. That’s why you have to be careful and apply it in details or smaller areas, or combined with whites or cakes that reduce that intensity, arriving to design in this case warm and welcoming environments. If we go through and paint all the walls red, for example, the result can be overwhelming and get a little nervous. So let’s look at some ideas to apply it correctly and get amazing results.

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The best spaces to decorate with red

The children’s room is not the best place to use the color red, as it can excite children and hinder their rest. The red color absorbs the light it receives and is best reserved for spacious and bright rooms. It is advisable to use it in places reserved for eating, since it opens the appetite. That’s why the kitchens in red or the dining rooms and lounges are so beautiful.

Small details in red color

One of the best ways to introduce red in your decor is through the small details. It looks very nice on a white base , for example. Nothing saturates the space and adds a note of color and joy to the rooms. You can use it in cushions, in lamps, in a painting, a carpet, a vase, or even in some furniture of small dimensions.

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A red wall

To be able to use the red without saturating you can paint a single wall of a room and leave the rest white. It also looks very nice combined with a light gray, for example. Of course, putting them all red can make the room offer a feeling of overwhelm that we want to avoid … So use it moderately.

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Colors with which to combine the red in the decoration

The red is very well with the white, since it manages to design comfortable environments. Combined with gray and black offers a modern and elegant result. You can also use it with mauve, green and blue.

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A large piece of furniture in red

Another way to use red is through a large piece of furniture. Before we have seen how it was left with small details and now it is a matter of placing only one element in this color but great. This can be done through a chest of drawers, a closet or the living room sofa. It’s an idea that I love. It will become the focal point of the stay and the result is very beautiful. Leave the rest of accessories in more neutral tones so that the sofa emphasizes and does not saturate, or combine it with vivid colors to create lively environments.

Red Textiles

Another idea to redirect your house in a subtle way is to do it through textiles. You can play with cushions, curtains, bed covers Nordic, carpets … All placed on a white base or in neutral tones will make the decoration take a warm and cozy touch even using this energetic color.

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