Ideas to decorate with little money

decorate with little money

Ideas to decorate with little money

The decor low cost is possible. It is not necessary to have a big budget or to spend large sums to dress your stays with personality and charm. Although if you do not know yet exactly how do I invite you to discover these ideas for decorating with little money with which you will be able to design a unique interior without the pocket suffers. You’ll see how easy!

decorate with little money

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Second Hand Furniture

One option is to visit shops or flea markets where to find furniture and decorative objects cheaper prices. If you like the style vintage of course is a very good alternative. And if you’re a little crafty you can even get yourself into something that is not in very good condition, because you will surely have a lower price, and restore it.

Recycle objects

The recycling is a very economical way of decoration. For this you only have to give new uses to everyday elements of your day to day by turning, for example, a glass bottle in a vase, metal cans in containers to organize your office or to leave some flowers …

Wooden boxes

The wooden boxes are an excellent choice if you want to decorate for little money and do it in a very nice way. You can find them everywhere and use it as a magazine rack to form a shelf to store shoes … You can be boxes, say, normal, or also nacelles fruit, which have many decorative possibilities.

decorate with little money

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Paint a wall

If you want to give a change in appearance to a room quickly and easily, you may be sufficient to paint one of the walls. If they were of white origin, introduce a color note that contrasts and thus create a nice effect. If you fancy you can paint them all, but if you spend less paint, the more economic you will get …

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The pallets

Like the wooden boxes, the pallets have become a time now in decorative elements low cost almost indispensable. You can make a headboard for the bed, a shelf or even an island as shown in the picture on the right. You will only have to treat them and paint them if you fancy and the result is very decorative. And nothing expensive!

The handcrafts

Another way to decorate without spending hardly anything is to make your own crafts. Remember that in the “Do it yourself ” I teach every week different DIY to create your own decorative objects easily and economically.

decorate with little money

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Paint the chairs

If before we have seen that with painting a wall we could give a different air to the room, what do you think if you paint the chairs? You can choose to put one of each color, or all of the same ton. Look at what cool effect you can create. A note of joy and personality that will completely change the appearance of the living room or kitchen.

Bet on details

Sometimes, with very little you get a lot. In fact, in decoration, usually less is more, and with little details that make a difference you will decorate any room without your budget will suffer. For example: place some flowers, some candles, decorate with photos, with some painting, put a vinyl on the wall …

Reuses old objects

Before we talked about recycling and now I propose to reuse old objects that you have at home or in the storage room of your parents or even your grandparents. An old suitcase can become a beautiful decorative object or a trunk wood forgotten … You can even give new life to a nightstand that nobody uses and if the pints and you restore, you can become a side table so More original. With little budget and imagination almost anything is possible.

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