Apartment with Scandinavian style and industrial touches in Poland

I love discovering spectacular houses in different corners of the world. Today we go to Gdansk, a city in Poland, where we will go an apartment with Scandinavian style 72 square meters and three bedrooms, a living room and kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. Her owner is a woman passionate about traveling who had her priorities clear when it comes to the interior design of her home: she wanted it to be modest and without unnecessary luxuries.

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Big windows

One of the main features of this property are its large windows allow the rooms are very bright. Both the living room and the bedroom open onto a large balcony, finished with wooden planks and glass balustrades. The wooden frames combine with the gray and white tones of the walls and furniture, and also with the decorative elements of copper.

The bedroom

We start the review for the main rooms in the bedroom. The bed is created specifically for this house, and highlights the headboard and wall lamps zigzag copper and black colors. Another wall is occupied by a white wardrobe and pillows, blankets, and the nightstand filled with books (which is actually a chair) give a touch vintage very special to this room.

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The kitchen

In the kitchen, integrated in the living room, we find white furniture painted in brightness that contrasts with gray countertop. What makes this kitchen functional and aesthetic is the extractor hood, which is hidden in one of the cabinets, and the sink design.

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A wooden table with white Eames chairs serves to separate this area from the living room, where all furniture and accessories are gray. Up the curtains. A nice contrast to wood and white to bronze little touches that that make this stay very cozy added.

The lamps in the living room

One of the things I liked about this stay are ceiling lights in copper and hexagonal design (a geometric shape that we will see in the bathroom). Very similar to one that learned how to make a DIY that I remember in case you want to refresh your memory …

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The bathroom

The hexagonal tiles the master bathroom are a chulada. In the toilet, the walls have been covered with concrete, leaving a decorative shelf over the toilet. At the request of the owner, two solutions were designed for the shower: a large shower (instead of a fixed shower head) and a shower head on the other side of the shower base.

Combination of styles

Although this house has a fairly definite Scandinavian style, and we see some concessions to other types of decoration, such as vintage bedroom or character industry that is provided with lamps and filament bulbs, which contrasts in a unique way with wood And warm tones. A perfect combination.

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