How to make a decorative fimo photo frame


How to make a decorative fimo photo frame

The pictures are always decorative. They help us remember moments and people and look good anywhere you put them. We always get a smile to see that funny scene or to evoke that trip, so in your house should never be missing. There are many ways to place the photos. Framed, unframed, or subject of any original form.

Today I want to teach to make a craft that will help you put your memories of a colorful and decorative way. This is make a portafotos, or more, made from Fimo, that dough you can mold and then hardened. I’ll tell you all the steps below, you’ll see how easy it is.

decorative fimo

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The materials

I’ve seen this DIY blog Make and Tell and make your own’ll need the following materials:

– Fimo: Also called polymer paste. The drying time can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, there are even some pastas that do not need oven to dry and can be air dried.

– Molds for cutting: They can be biscuits, for example. Here they have been used with square shapes, although you can use those that you prefer. Of course, keep in mind that it has to be supported on some surface, so it must have a base large enough so that it does not fall.

– A cutter and paint.

decorative fimo

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How to make your photo holder, step by step

The first thing you will do is put a plastic sheet to protect the work surface. Then displays the fimo until it is about 1.5 centimeters thick.

Cut the fimo

Now, with the large cutter, cut a square, and then enter the small cutter in the center. With this small cutter still inserted, make a cut, carefully, at the top of the large square, to the middle of the sides more or less. Keep the small mold inside to make sure that the large square does not flatten when you tighten to cut this slot. Then, remove the small mold and smooth the edges of your figure with a little water.

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Paint the photo holder

You already have the base of your photo holder ready. Now it customize. In this case, they have made a diagonal design. To do this, he places bodybuilder’s tape in two halves and paints one of the parts with acrylic paint. When it has dried, do the same in the other half, using a different color. Once it is completely dry, take a permanent marker and draw small patterns in these two halves.

In this proposal, they used a black base with white dots and a green base with black dots. They also made another picture in pink and blue. What is it that you fully customize your craft to suit the decor of your home, so much contrast and highlight or to match the colors that surround it?

decorative fimo

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Place photos

You already have your photo holder ready. You must ensure that the pen marks are already dry too, and you can insert your pictures into the slot you did before with the utility knife. You can also put some inspirational sheet or phrase; you can put what you want.