Ideas for decorating with maps

If traveling is your passion today I show you some great ideas for decorating with maps any room in your home. The can put on the wall, in a cabinet, framed … In almost every corner has a place this beautiful and evocative decor. Can choose the style, design, if a world map of your country or your favorite city … As you can see, there are many possibilities, so let’s see them in greater detail below.

Decorate furniture with maps

The first idea I bring you is to give an original twist to your furniture thanks to the maps. To do this, you can use a vinyl or decorative paper for the dresser drawers, for example, or even for the whole comfortable. Also, if you have a broken coffee table something you can cover the glass with a map.

Decorating with maps
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Walls decorated with maps

But if what you like is to study the countries, see what cities have you visited and what you have left to learn, it is best to place a map on a wall of your house. It is wonderful in the headboard of the bed, in the living room and even in the bathroom or kitchen. Beautiful framed, but wonderful if they cover the entire wall, do not you think?

City maps framed

Another idea that I really like is to frame city plans, make a composition with pictures, with the same frame, and shape to hang on your wall those destinations that already know and whose streets have traveled on your travels.

Decorating with maps
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Different styles

Maps can be the style that you like. If you want to give a retro look to your decor you’ll find them with design vintage. Also there with bright colors and large letters to see perfectly the cities and mountains in the world. Others are more minimalist and allegorical and arrive with only the silhouette …


You can put maps through the placement of wallpaper, framed in any of the walls of your house, as a blind for your windows, using an adhesive vinyl traveler with this as reason … There are many possibilities!

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In the children’s room

One of the places where the maps are great is in the smallest room of the house. If you opt for a colorful design clothe wall very decorative form; in addition, they get to learn geography almost without realizing it …

Decorating with maps
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Balls World

Balls world I love. Especially those with air vintage straight out of the cabin of any ship. They are very nice and become another lovely way to decorate with maps. Ask it roll and see where it stops!

Decorative details

If what you like is the design of maps and not so much to discover in them those around the world who want to know, you can enter them in small decorative details. Lined wooden letters, a lamp or any object in your home that you can add a special touch chip maps.

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