DIY special Back to School, new desk for your home

We started September with back to school ever closer. That’s why today we want to show this idea designed to restore an antique desk and give it a new life. You get a desk as decoration for your children’s room or a special corner where you fancy place, although there is little that could use it. If you love retro and crafts, the DIY think you’ll like. It is also very simple, so no excuses. Let’s do it!

Back to School
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The materials you need

If you can get a table old school you have to do this craft, especially if you like the retro style you can give your home decor. Look in thrift stores, flea market or perhaps somewhere in your old school option if you ask. If you are in good shape you can keep the laminate of the table as it is, if you will not have to paint it. To personalize it as we have in the blog Design Improvised you’ll need:

  • The desk, of course
  • A spray paint. Here tone have been used in metallic copper. Very nice!
  • A colored vinyl sheets.
  • Scissors
  • Plastic
  • Masking tape

Customizing your retro desk, step by step

The first thing you have to do is clean well the desktop with a cloth with soap and water. If you’ll leave the board unpainted suffice with this step, if you want to paint you’ll need to prepare the surface for it, you may have to sand it … depending on the material with which it is manufactured and the type of paint you are going to use.

Back to School
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Paint the legs

Let’s first change the look of the legs of the desk. Not to stain the top if you’ll leave as is, cover it with a plastic or a garbage bag and secured with masking tape so that it does not move. So you protect her from some involuntary spray shot … Now, spray the legs with the chosen paint, following the manufacturer’s instructions to know the waiting time between coats.

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For customization of the short table a vinyl strips with different widths and glue on one side of the desk, for example, or where you prefer. Help yourself to a ruler to make sure that you are sticking straight. Eliminates air bubbles that may have become places and all you want. Here they used three and the truth is that is very well, but if you want you can create the design you like. On the side, it is more comfortable for you do not mind whether to use the desk to do homework. If only decorative, you can put where you prefer vinyl.

Back to School
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Another DIY for back to school

In addition, gift, I show you another perfect craft for back to school. It is very simple, decorative and practical at the same time. It is to make a pencil holder with clamps tend clothes for your little one to store your pens and paintings on this lovely retro desk we just created.

How to make a pencil holder with wooden pegs

The first thing you have to do is remove the iron tongs and paint each of the separate halves that have been you. You can do all the same color or paint them different colors to make it more attractive. Then you glue them around a plastic cup with wood glue and you have an original and personalized penholder.


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