Ideas for decorating with exposed pipes

In the world of decoration are elements that although it may seem that annoy or spare serve to design very interesting and creative spaces. Can you imagine that pipes gas or water could help you decorate your home? But generally tend to camouflage them, what do you think leave them in sight and use them to give a special touch to a room? If you already have them exposed, use them. If you are going to make a reform and change have to be an alternative to avoid making clearings. There go some thoughts to extract the whole game!

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The inspiration

Garnish with exposed pipes is a practice that we see in areas of industrial style, those who remind us the lofts Yorkers or ships which house offices, for example. If you are going to place them from scratch, you must first think about the path to see where to pass them and help you get a very aesthetic and decorative design. If you already have them in sight … best of it!

Painted pipes

A first idea is to paint the pipes. This can be done in two ways, either by using the same tone of the wall or ceiling or creating something more impactful through an intense color that contrasts with the rest of the decor. If an industrial style prevails role of gray you can give a fun splash of color with a strong yellow, for example. Or if you’re going to incorporate a Scandinavian decor, also a vivid contrast with the white tone that serves as a backdrop to this kind of Nordic decor.

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Air conditioning pipes

If you have high ceilings expose the tubes of air conditioning can be a good alternative. Usually thicker than the rest of housing and also very decorative. Also, if you have to hide we will remove enough space to have larger …

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Exposed pipes in kitchens and bathrooms

In the kitchen and in the bathroom there are lots of pipes for hot and cold water coming out of the shower, sink or reach the sink …. Why not give it a creative point of view to all taking advantage of them to decorate the room? You can even give them a practical use using the pipes as towel racks or hang rags. You can also create beautiful and original shelves.

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Copper pipes

Another alternative is to opt for pipes copper in sight, a material with many possibilities not only for lamps or pots and pans, but for other types of supplements as in this case. They are very durable and decorative. Look at these examples and you tell us if you like.

Advantages of leaving the pipe in sight

After these decorative ideas, we cannot fail to note that leave the exposed pipes also has other advantages beyond the purely aesthetic, such as the cost savings arising from the fact camouflaging in false ceilings or make grooves, the allowing easy access if there is a failure as a water leak or an electrical problem, and greater energy efficiency and the tubes that carry hot water from a radiator to another, being exposed, also heat the room.

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