Ideas for decorating with exposed pipes

In the world of decoration are elements that although it may seem that annoy or spare serve to design very interesting and creative spaces. Can you imagine that pipes gas or water could help you decorate your home? But generally tend to camouflage them, what do you think leave them in sight and use them to give a special touch to a room? If you already have them exposed, use them. If you are going to make a reform and change have to be an alternative to avoid making clearings. There go some thoughts to extract the whole game!

Ideas for decorating mini houses

The concept of mini houses are mostly seen in the United States, where many families choose to live in households of only 30 square meters, in flat form and, above all, in separate dwellings. Surely you’ve seen those TV shows dedicated to the mini houses! If you’re as big a fan as I of this type of tiny homes the Ideas to decorate you find then you will be interested. Also if your apartment is small but want to maximize the space available. Take good note!

Decorating ideas with plaids

There are decorating trends that never go out of style or reinvent themselves year after year. It is the case of plaids, present perhaps especially in the purely Christmas decorations but we can also incorporate all year in furniture, textiles and accessories.

Also known as tartan, looks great in environments with rustic or country but the vast palette of colors available makes it possible to feel great in any decor. Today we know some ideas, to help you bring them into your home. You want to know how?

Ideas and tips for decorating a fireplace

The fireplaces are for the winter but throughout the year can, and indeed should, be furnished as an essential part of the room or stay where they are located. Although not give off heat in the summer months, become a fundamental part of the interior of your home, since they are often the focal point and, therefore, it is important to pay attention to your decor.

Today we will review several ideas for your fireplace seen in a unique way that is not boring but showing part of your personality in this space dedicated to relaxation. Some of them alone are already very decorative but if it is not the case, these proposals will achieve a special touch to yours.

Decorating a baby shower: The details that make the difference

A baby shower is a gathering of friends after the baby’s birth in which gifts are exchanged and enjoy a fun party. And like any self-respecting party in the decoration plays a key to acclimate the place of an original and unique way role and, therefore, today we will have some ideas to incorporate details that make the difference.

They cannot miss balloons and colorfully, but you can add many more elements to design decorated with personality, cheerful and original. If you’re planning to celebrate the arrival of your little you cannot lose what we tell you then.

Ideas for decorating minimalist interiors

Minimalism is one of those timeless decorative styles that use raw basic elements and simple for dressing rooms. Use functional design and furniture and get with all this, create an austere and effective decoration the same time, with prominence of straight and pure lines and under the premise of less is more. You get to enter your home in a special way we leave you with several ideas, which will help you get a minimalist decor comfortable, elegant, light and powerful.

White base

In a minimalist room you should opt for a neutral base color; white is a good choice. You can add small notes through supplements but always betting on a decoration without fanfare in the use of colors. You can leave the walls and white curtains and put a sofa in light brown or raw. The biggest contrast you can achieve combined black and white, an elegant choice and always effective in minimalist style. With gray it is also great.

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