Ideas for decorating mini houses

The concept of mini houses are mostly seen in the United States, where many families choose to live in households of only 30 square meters, in flat form and, above all, in separate dwellings. Surely you’ve seen those TV shows dedicated to the mini houses! If you’re as big a fan as I of this type of tiny homes the Ideas to decorate you find then you will be interested. Also if your apartment is small but want to maximize the space available. Take good note!

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Bet all the white

The white is the best choice for your mini home. It is very bright and reflects light and therefore help the space visually larger. You can enter notes of color through the small decorative details.

Take advantage of vertical space

The mini houses are small spaces where you need to know to take advantage every corner available. Up too. Therefore, a good solution is to place the bed as close to the ceiling, and gain space on the ground and bring forth all the possible party to the vertical space of the house. This is especially useful if you have high ceilings.

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Choose functional furniture

Functional furniture with large storage capacity are best suited for this type of small houses. Remember that we must seize all the space so chooses couches for the bedroom, baskets and removable drawers in the kitchen and modular cabinets tailor made to suit every nook and corner available. Put furniture with various uses, such as a sofa bed, a trunk that you will act as the coffee table and storage place …

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Open spaces

In the mini houses no room for partitions. Literally. So the diaphanous distribution will help to have a wider appearance. Put the same soil and the same color on the walls to have a sense of continuity and if you want to differentiate a particular space can make it through textures or placing a carpet, for example.

The order, which is essential

Needless to say, in a mini home the order is essential in order to live at ease. This occurs in any house, but in these smaller is something even more important. At a glance the entire surface is, so nothing of leaving things out of place as also the feeling of being overwhelmed will be higher.

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Spaces to separate bars are a good resource, since help you differentiate the lounge from the kitchen, for example, and serve as a table to eat or breakfast. If you have enough space placed stools and if you do not fit you can use this space for storing small appliances and dishes. They can also be glued to the wall.

Folding tables or hung

Opt for folding tables that can leave folded and extended when needed. Another option is to place a system that allows you to lift them off the ground when not emplees and leaving them suspended in the ceiling.

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