Ideas for decorating a single floor

decorating a single floor

Ideas for decorating a single floor

If you live alone your floor is your refuge. It is the place where you end a hard day of work or where you enjoy leisure time with friends or alone. Independence is to start a new life and for it to find that house and make it your own is one of the most satisfying things in the world.

Maiden decorate your floor is fun and special. You’ll get so design your own home, customize the maximum, and gives like living rent or you bought, you’ll feel as their own using small decorative details. Let’s look at some ideas that perhaps can serve as inspiration.

decorating a single floor

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A decorative style

You can choose a decorative style to be the great protagonist. You can decanter by a Moorish decor, with air American, vintage or a Nordic touch. What you like most! It is your home and you decide.

Your corners

Creates a special corner in the living room, in your room, where you like. That space where you like to get away, listen to music, watch TV or read a book. And only yours your favorite site…

Ideas for small apartments

If your apartment is small and has single united kitchen to the dining room follows a same color line that integrates space. Light colors always tend to enlarge visually and provide plenty of light, so it can be a very good choice in this case.

decorating a single floor

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The bedroom

The most personal and intimate room is the bedroom. Think about your needs and decorate this way. Perhaps it will be enough with a single table but very special and the original, or if you like to read you can put a shelf with your books, or some houseplants that fill your life the bedroom…

Guest room

If you are lucky enough to have cialis online several stays at home one conditioned to be the guest bedroom. If you live alone may be common to receive visits and really want to look after them very well. Prepare a special place for when they arrive, so they feel at home.

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The lounge

Surely it is where more time passes, so spend attention. Add a reading corner if your favorite pastime and commitment to a quality sofa to enjoy those moments watching a movie or your favorite series.

Decorative details

If you live rent and do not want or cannot invest in change furniture or make great decorative fanfare, with small details going to get print your personality and style to the floor. Photographs, some sheets, some flowers or plants, the memory of that unforgettable trip … With very little get give your more personal touch.

decorating a single floor

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The office

If your home has room, as we said before, you can also create a workspace in your shower floor. Rooms where you can carry out your projects, unleash your creativity or where to finish some task that you have left behind in the office. Place a large table and a comfortable chair, adds some film or inspirational phrase and do not recharge. That is subtle, practical and conducive to concentration.


First of all, it is to find comfort in your apartment. Having a comfortable home where you feel always at ease. A kitchen with everything you need, a living room with a comfortable sofa, photographs of loved ones, a functional bathroom and a bedroom with a large bed (all for you!) Where you can rest peacefully. Adds the differentiators and personal touch by decorating achieving that balance between aesthetics and practicality.

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