The best decoration for a birthday party

Do you plan to organize the best birthday party that person you love so much? Well then everything we tell you today you can be very useful, as we will see different ideas for decorating a birthday party, whether a child or adult honoree … Because a birthday is always a great occasion to make a celebration in style! And if you decorate as you get surely deserves this special day so much more.

Birthday party
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Candy table

No birthday party is complete without a table candy, or candy bar as now more commonly called. You’ll help decorate in a way very colorful and fun, since you can include cakes, candies, cookies … all that fancy, and give much joy to your party. It includes a nice tablecloth, trays, a few glasses with straws decorated … and to enjoy this sweet corner!

Theme parties

Another way to decorate your birthday party is to find a theme you like (if you are organizing your own party) or you love the person you’ll be surprised. If an adult can be a good idea to do about your favorite series, your favorite band, to the city that makes you dream or hobby that you love to practice all weekend. If it is a child there are many options: the drawings and TV characters you like best, pirates, superheroes, princesses, fairies, animals…

Birthday party
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Garlands and pennants

Although we know that the wreaths and banners can be used in decorating even if there is a party, are precious when yes there is. You have many options. They may include a message in each levitra online triangle in the case of pins, or the number being held, the name of the birthday boy … or just be colorful and varied ways to give a touch very cool to decorate the room where they go to be the guests.

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An outdoor birthday

If you are lucky enough to have a terrace or garden where you can organize this birthday we will get full advantage. Place a table and dress her for the occasion, with a nice tablecloth in a neutral tone to highlight much that we will put up. Add color plates and glasses and even a center with a flower. Where you can garlands or some exterior lights to give a cozy atmosphere to the celebration.

Birthday party
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The photocall

It is part of the decoration of many birthday parties. Is the photocall, the fun place for adults and children where you can take photos with different add-ons that can prepare ourselves. You can place a background with cloth or paper on one wall of the room to turn on the stage of these photographs. Design a funny cardboard hats, mustaches, glasses, you name it, and make everyone to have a fun time disguising and immortalizing the moment. It will be an element that will decorate the birthday.


Balloons are decorative element of the holidays par excellence. I love them! You cannot miss this birthday so special that you are preparing. There are many ways to set them: colors, shapes, with a drawing, loose in different parts of the room, creating a nice bouquet…

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