How to keep the bedroom tidy with style

Maintain a bedroom stylish tidy possible. There are a lot of alternatives and possibilities so you can store your things in a very stylish and decorative manner, something that will help you keep your room always in perfect condition while decorated in a special way, with personality.

Today I teach several ideas, so you can get it. With this you will achieve bedroom always have the perfect magazine, but you have little space for it. You want to know how? Then we will see in more detail.

Bedroom tidy with style
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The trunks are one of my favorite decorative objects. And they are also very functional. You can place one at the foot of the bed to keep you often seating and storage system. Shoe stores inside the cushions when you go to bed, blankets and sheets, what you need to have on hand!

The space under the bed

The space under the bed is very profitable and we will come great for storage. You can place the typical transparent plastic boxes with wheels, which are practical to remove them and put them easily, or you can also put wicker baskets that become visible on the sides and are much more decorative.

Bedroom tidy with style
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Vertical space

Maximise the vertical space you have available. You can put shelves up to the ceiling and let the top that does not normally use, with wicker baskets or other materials so it is not in sight and take a very decorative touch to the bedroom.

Riel on the table

This idea proposes Ikea and great for small bedrooms. It is to harness the area above the table putting on that hole in the wall a rail where you can hang your glasses and a book, for example, and so have the nightstand clear of both gizmos.

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Behind a mirror or cabinet

If you have a large, those standing mirror, you can use the rear to store things and keep them out of your sight. You will take advantage a space that usually lose and you hang up, for example, belts, handbags, accessories, a dress shirt or … something not too wide for not extending sideways and is well camouflaged. You can also move the bed a little toward the center of the room and leave behind as part of dressing…

Bedroom tidy with style
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Hooks, rails and shelves

This proposal will see in the photo gallery will help leave your neat but very handy things. It involves placing hooks on the wall (with a coat rack is great), a few extra shelves and a donkey or coat rack with wheels. There you can leave what you’re going to put the next day, hanging clothes and footwear under, and keep your bedroom tidy by very small.


The decorative boxes are very practical and give a lot of style to the room. Grab those that mimic the protagonist decor. If you have a bohemian bedroom enter them with colorful and patterned if with air vintage put them wicker or if you bet the Nordic decoration, wooden ones are wonderful.

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