Ideas for decorating a living room with country style

The country style is one of my favorites to decorate a wedding although it is also very beautiful indoors. Especially if your house is located in the countryside, as this decoration will give you a unique personality that will blend perfectly with the natural outdoor environment. It is cozy and full of details. We already knew some tips to do well, so now we are going to move them to the room in the form of ideas. Do you want to know some cool proposals to use in your home? Go for it!

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What colors to use?

I suggest that you use clear shades such as white, beige or pastels, which are the most appropriate for this type of decoration. You can use them on the walls, so the feeling of spaciousness of the room will be greater. Also the earth tones are great, and you can always add touches of color through the accessories, which is the next idea that we are going to talk about …

Decorative complements

And is that one of the characteristics of this decorative style is the use of decorative objects. My favorite are the plants and flowers as they are the ones that precisely give that country atmosphere to the decoration. Place several of them in your living room, on some shelves or on the table. You can put dried or wild flowers, in a glass jar, ceramic or in a metal jar. Wicker baskets or forging items will also look great. And you can even introduce other elements like a metal lamp, some old books on an auxiliary table, pictures or some black and white photographs.

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The wood, great protagonist

The wood the material that cannot be missing in your country hall. If you are lucky enough to have beams on the ceiling, punch them all out. You can leave them in their natural tone or paint them white, for example. A living room table in solid wood will become the focal point of the stay.

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You can also use stone

The stone is another material that can be used in your country living. If the house is located in the countryside, it will give a wonderful air to the floors and walls. If you are already present, great, if you think that removing it in the eyes will be very cumbersome you can always opt for coatings that simulate stone. The effect is equally beautiful.

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What furniture to put in the country hall?

In your living room, you cannot miss sturdy furniture with a vintage look. I have already told you before that the table could become a focal point but you can also highlight the sofa, using a large in bright tones or with prints that contrast with the clarity of the walls, for example. You can put a dresser wood, very typical of this decorative style, and a large ceiling lamp. Also betting everything to the target sure happens.


It’s time to play with textiles. In the photo above we saw an example of the prints that you can use in the upholstery of the sofa. In addition, it places cushions of colors or in soft tones so that they give a warm touch to the stay. Use curtains of natural fabrics and put some blanket on the sofa when winter arrives.

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