Decorative shelves for book lovers

Lovers of reading can add a special touch to the decoration of their home through the shelves. It is about creating beautiful storage spaces in which it is also possible to store other things besides books. Today I bring you some ideas to see how beautiful and decorative the shelves can be. What you put in them will be what contributes the personality to the environment, although you can also play with their design or even customize them. And, if you encourage yourself, even do it yourself through some mentality.

shelves for book
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Decorate shelves with color

A first idea that I bring you is to paint the inside of the shelf. This applies, for example, to modular type shelves in which you can paint the interior of each module of a different color for a very cheerful decoration, or all of one only to make it more discreet. You can change the color by wallpaper. Also very decorative.

Nordic style shelving

As the Nordic style is my favorite, I cannot resist teaching you proposals for decorative shelves with Scandinavian air. As you see, they are based on simplicity; a single shelf can be enough on the wall to support books or pictures. Alternatively, several of them, but equally simple. In white, they look wonderful, do not you think? You can also place clear wooden shelves where you can put your books or the items you like. Because, as we will see later, these ideas are not exclusive to books, although no shelf should miss one.

shelves for book
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Shelves to take advantage of dead spaces

There are places in the house that we miss. Sometimes for lack of ideas to get the whole game. I suggest that you put some shelves around the door frame or a window, for example. They also look great on the stairwell. Or you can even make a DIY shelf in which only a few books lie for that corner of the bedroom that you do not use at all.

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Not just books

These ideas for decorating with shelves are not exclusive to books, since in them you can place all kinds of objects. I love how the pictures, posters or posters are supported and, of course, some plant. Or you can make combinations of it all, not only you have to choose one thing … There are also very original books and magazines with the front covers, instead of the back. Or who prefers to put them in a way that does not see the title or the author.

shelves for book
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Shelves with own personality

But you can not only dress your bookshelves or complete books. Also they can be very decorative in themselves, because they have a unique and special design, because you have made them with your own hands … One of the styles that I like most is the hanging shelves type swing, easy to do following a few simple steps And that allow you to create a furniture of the most special with a wood and a string. Also the floating ones are very decorative.

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