Ideas for a more welcoming office

If you work from home, or even have an office, you will know how important it is to keep it tidy. Everything has repercussions on productivity, also the decoration, so today I want to show you some ideas to make this place of work as welcoming as possible. It is about being at ease so that you are motivated and more efficient. Everything counts.

welcoming office
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An ordered desktop

The order affects the concentration and your office will have a more welcoming feeling if it is as neat as possible. However, everything will depend on the type of work you do and how you are, as there are people who focus very well within their particular chaos or that the work you do not allow you to keep that order scrupulous. The important thing is that you feel good as your office is.

Plants to decorate the office

There are decorative objects that provide very pleasant sensations. For me, plants are one of the most, since bringing nature to the work environment will help your office acquire a very special air. You can choose flowers of any color you like or green leafy plants.

welcoming office
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Curve lines

If you decorate your office with curved lines in furniture or decorative objects, you will feel more calm and relaxed. The curves get that in an unconscious way we feel that the space is not so closed and overwhelming.

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The lighting

Make sure your office has as much natural light as possible. There is nothing more comfortable than that. But also, help yourself to a practical illumination, to help you work comfortably and without straining your eyes, but not excessively cold.

A custom office

In fact, to make your office, and any place in your house, be cozy, you only have to personalize it. There is nothing that makes us feel more comfortable and better than what we like, motivates or delights us. For this, you can place in your office decorative details that help you achieve this personalization, a photo, a picture, a picture, a positive phrase or whatever you prefer. Not saturated. Only small strokes. Look how pretty some textiles are left in the office, for example.

welcoming office
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A corner to disconnect

I love the idea of creating a corner for disconnection. That you can do if you have enough room to have different areas within your office. The purely working, with your table, your chair and your computer (or whatever you need) and another where you can put a chair, for example, a small table and a bookcase. Where you can sit or think or think nothing. It will look like a small living room inside an office and that can be very cozy …


The colors also contribute to design a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Soft, pastel or neutral are the most indicated in this case. White is always my favorite, because with this tonality you can decorate an office of the most welcoming, giving small touches of color with the decorative complements.

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