5 practical ideas to maintain order at home

The order is an essential part of the decor. Because it’s no use to be up to speed on trends if you later have things off your site. That is why it is essential that everything is well organized so that your home has the best possible appearance. Today we are going to see 5 practical ideas that will help you keep order at home. Something you have to keep in mind in each of the rooms.

Order and decoration go hand in hand. In both directions, too. For a house to be well decorated it has to be tidy, and you can decorate your home making use of storage systems and distribution of your spaces that serve to have it more orderly and stylish. Let’s see how to get it!

maintain order at home
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1- Shelves and shelves for the bathroom

The bathroom, generally, is usually a stay of small size in which you have to know to take advantage of every corner to get the most out of it and keep it tidy. Place shelves and shelves to use the space in vertical, even you can make them to measure so that all the corners are covered.

2- Many boxes in the game room

The children’s room or the playroom (if you have one of them) is a place conducive to disorder. Games, stuffed animals, dolls, books, pieces … A very practical and convenient solution is to place boxes that they can access to collect and maintain this space.

maintain order at home
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3- The kitchen, always tidy

The kitchen is a stay in which there are usually a lot of things and that is why it must always be well ordered. I teach you two very practical solutions to achieve this. To the left we see how the interior drawers of this island have been organized with dividers and to the right we see a very accutane complete closet, with shelves on the doors and double or rotating shelves that allow to place things on both sides, and even in the interior. Everything will always be in place!

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4- An ordered receiver is the best business card

It will not do you any good to have a decorated hall in an incredible way if you do not know how to keep it tidy. Even if you have shelves or a dresser, you can avoid leaving things unreasonable. Put some box or tray for the keys, glasses and small objects and a coat rack to hang your jackets.

maintain order at home
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5- Improve your concentration with an orderly dispatch

If you work from home your office becomes that personal and nontransferable redoubt in which you develop all your creativity. Doing so in an orderly environment is critical to being more focused and more productive. I teach you two ideas that I love.

To the left we see a shelf with boxes in which you can keep those things that you do not use daily, and next to you can place a kind of metallic grid in which you hang with a tweezers the important things you need to have in view. In the photo on the right we see how the boxes, in this case of colors, have also been used to order and decorate the room at the same time. Two different but very practical styles, do not you think?

maintain order at home
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An orderly house is a house in which energy flows

Order is imperative for energy to flow properly in our home. A home that, if ordered, will convey a sense of well-being, hygiene and purity. It will look even broader and brighter.

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