How to remove paint from aluminum

How to remove paint from aluminum

Have you been painting at home and after finishing all the work you have found paint stains on your aluminum windows? We know that it is very unpleasant because after hours of doing a lot of work to change the image of your home, having to deal with cleaning is a real hassle. But if you want to get rid of those undesirable marks and leave your aluminum surfaces shining, keep reading this article. Do not let anything embitter the reform of your house and leave everything spotless with the advice that we give you below on how to remove paint from aluminum.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

It is normal that when you do renovations at home and paint, the paint splashes at some point to other surfaces, wood, wall, or even aluminum. First of all, it is advisable to look at the label on the paint can because it usually includes instructions on the type of solvent that would be necessary to remove paint stains from aluminum. If he tells you the solvent that you can use, just take a cloth, impregnate it, and carefully wipe it all over the aluminum, this way the paint will disappear completely, although we already anticipate that the solvent can be quite aggressive for cleaning a surface as delicate as aluminum.

Step: 2

If the paint stain on the aluminum is very large, you can use a scraper, but you will have to do it very gently so as not to scratch the surface. The scraper can be used to remove the remains of any area (wide or narrow) and any other material.

In the event that you have used plastic paint, the typical one for walls, you can remove the stains with a cloth dipped in hot water, although this method will be effective if it has not been a long time since you painted. If, on the other hand, the paint is very dry, with water you will not get very good results without scratching thoroughly.

Step: 3

If you cannot remove the stains, or it is a synthetic paint, you will have to use a small amount of solvent, but it is important that you use it in small quantities, since otherwise, you could damage the lacquered aluminum surface. So the best thing is that you first do a test in an inconspicuous area to make sure that nothing happens, it is not going to be that in your attempt to clean, you scratch or damage the aluminum.

Another, less aggressive way to remove paint stains from aluminum is to use a mixture of sanitary alcohol, white vinegar, and water. Soak a cloth in this solution and wipe it all over the aluminum.

Step: 4

Another cleaning trick to remove paint stains that you can try is to use a cloth moistened with a little of a substance called borax. Boric acid is widely used to clean sinks, and toilets, to kill mold, to thoroughly scrub kitchen utensils, and as a remover for all kinds of residues, such as plastic paint. Mix boric acid and water in a ratio of 2 to 1 and rub, you will see how you will make the paint disappear from the aluminum completely.

Step: 5

Regardless of the cleaning method you use, in the end, you should always rinse the surface so that no trace or mark of dirt remains. Use a clean sponge or a cloth moistened with water and wipe it over the entire area, repeat as many times as necessary so that no marks remain.

Step: 6

Finally, if you want your white aluminum windows to remain in perfect condition and always look impeccable, we recommend that you consult the tips that we show you in the article how to clean white aluminum from windows.