Appliances to have in your small kitchen

Having a small kitchen shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on style or function. It simply means that you might have to be a little more creative about how you use the space.

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When it comes to looking at the layout of a small kitchen you will often find that they are either designed in a galley style or they have a horseshoe style appearance. There will be a number of limitations as to where you place appliances such as your oven and where you sink is located as they will depend where you gas and water feeds are in the kitchen.

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Once you have your oven and sink in place you can start to look at other appliances. If you struggle for space you should consider an Integrated Fridge Freezer like the ones from as these allow you to have one appliance with the storage ability for both fresh and frozen food. Having your appliances integrated also helps with the look of a small kitchen as everything becomes uniform in look and this can in fact help to make the space look bigger.

Other appliances to make the most of are a washer/dryer which removes the need for two separate machines and you can also use slow cookers and microwaves to help if you only have a small oven and hob space.

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