How to Prevent Limescale With Water Softeners

Limescale is a stubborn chemical that is formed when calcium carbonate reacts with organic chemicals in the water. This is usually caused by the improper removal of lime, which is often found in areas such as riverbanks, estuaries and man made reservoirs. If this problem isn’t fixed promptly, it can continue to form and eventually wreak havoc on your water quality. Luckily, there are several simple steps you can take to prevent and reduce the effects of limescale.

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If your hard water area has been purified with sodium hypochlorite, this will stop the production of limescale. Some other common causes of this nasty chemical include iron pipes and municipal water treatment facilities. If you’re in an area valtrex that has hard water, limescale is a far more significant issue which is why many people choose to add softeners to their water. Ask a heating specialist about what can be done to help your hard water issue. For Cheltenham Boilers, visit The Combi Man, a supplier of Cheltenham Boilers.

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The easiest way to prevent or reduce the effects of limescale is to purchase a high quality water softener with a magnesium block or two. This will remove any impurities that are already present in your water supply, and will soften your water before it ever reaches your taps. When you next think about your water softener, be sure to check for a magnesium filter!

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