How to organize the hall: Practical and decorative ideas

The home receiver is the cover letter of our home. It is the first thing our guests see when they enter and you know what the saying goes: there is no second chance to make a good first impression. So what you show in this space must be able to evidence the essence of your home, that you want to show or tell about that decorative style you have chosen.

It does not matter if the available space is large or rather small, or even if it does not have much light. It is about having it well organized and decorated, using furniture and accessories selected to fulfill a practical and also aesthetic function. Today we are going to see some ideas to keep your receiver tidy at the same time as you give it a special touch. That unique touch that differentiates your house from the rest.

organize the hall
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The mirrors

Mirrors are a good choice when you want a space to look more expansive. They look very nice in the hall. They fulfill their functional part because we can give a final review before leaving home and are also decorative, as you can play with shapes, sizes and styles to create a nice composition. You will see clearly with these two examples, very different but equally effective. It’s the same round or elongated, it’s about finding the one that best defines what you want to communicate.

The console of a lifetime

There are furniture that not because of “of the whole life” lose validity or cease to be necessary. In some places they are essential, and that seems to be the case with the console in the hall. It adapts to any decorative style: Nordic, industrial, vintage, minimalist … and it becomes that place where we leave the keys, the glasses and the smallest objects. It can be the main protagonist of the entrance of your house, so do not choose it at random.

organize the hall
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A closet at the entrance

If you have enough space and need a spacious storage space a closet will get you out of all the trouble. In it you can keep big clothes like coats or winter clothes, also umbrellas, bags and footwear in the bottom. In this case I tell you the same thing as the console: you can play with the decorative style of the rest of the house so that this closet has a touch of Scandinavian, minimalist or vintage, so you’ll be giving a clue as to what we will find later.

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The coat racks

There is nothing better than the hangers to keep the receiver tidy. In them you can keep that jacket that you wear those days that is cooler, or leave some hat as a decoration. You can complement this accessory with a shoe rack so that your footwear is also organized; This is ideal for those who do not like entering the street shoe at home. You have many options to do so, and the result can be very decorative.

organize the hall
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A bank

In this case, perhaps, the decorative component is more important, but it can also have its organizational part if we are accustomed to leave the shoes underneath, ordered and in place. Its functional part comes when we use it as what it is: a bank where we can sit and wait for someone who comes to look for us or our life partner who always makes us wait before we leave …

Wicker Baskets

Depending on how this bank is, you can put wicker or wooden baskets underneath. They will become an extra storage space and inside you will be able to store things that you do not want to leave in sight. Some footwear, an umbrella, bags …

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