How to organise your garage

How to organise your garage

Garages are often the most neglected part of the home. With various items simply shoved in there, it can be a cluttered mess; however, not only does efficiently-configured garage space present a host of storage options but also it can be used for other activities.

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According to a report in the Guardian, using your garage as a kind of stable for your car is becoming quaintly old-fashioned. By getting your garage space under control, you could be preparing the way for new hobbies and interests, such as a home gym or studio.

Working clever

A garage always benefits from a work bench for doing repairs and other projects. A metal sheet over two sets of drawers could be a low-cost option; alternatively, for a more flexible space, install a folding work bench that is mounted on the wall and can be tucked away when not in use. If you have trusses in the roof, consider converting these into racks that will hold storage bins – suitably labelled, of course.

Garage shelving is your friend

Using your wall space is fundamental to getting the most out of your garage. Smart shelving viagra online units are not only attractive but can also be customised to your belongings, with different heights for large and small items. You can get creative and incorporate a board with pegs for hanging tools or sets of small drawers for storing nails, drill bits or brushes. Think about what you use most and make sure these items are at a convenient height. Heavy items are best stored closer to the floor, while seasonal items and equipment that are only dragged out once a year – such as Christmas decorations and surfboards – can be stored towards the ceiling.

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Your garage does not need to be dingy – the shelves can be painted an attractive shade, or even colour coded for easy reference.

If you are thinking about installing some garage shelving, suppliers such as can offer options, tips and advice.

It could also be worth investing in a small ladder or set of steps to ensure all your belongings are within easy reach. Your garage will be much more enticing when its contents are neatly ordered; when completed, you will wonder why you waited so long.

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