Five More Reasons for Choosing Engineered Wood Flooring

Five More Reasons for Choosing Engineered Wood Flooring

Cost-effectiveness, durability, ease of installation, aesthetic appeal and versatility – these are all well-established benefits of engineered or multi-layer wood floors. But the reasons for choosing this type of flooring don’t end there. There’s a veritable slew of further advantages that merit your serious consideration.

  1. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly

None of us wants to leave too big an environmental footprint. Only the thin top layer or veneer of engineered flooring consists of hardwood, meaning that the damage done to ancient forests is minimal. At the same time, the main body of the flooring comprises soft wood from fast-growing, sustainable trees like pine. If you are concerned about such issues as the environment and sustainability in your home, you won’t be compromising your principles when selecting this type of floor.

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  1. Low maintenance

In contrast with traditional wood, engineered floors are simple to maintain, requiring no specialist cleaning or treatment products. For most versions of this flooring, all you will require is a barely damp mop or cloth, although you should check the manufacturer’s instructions. Because the floors are constructed from interlocking sections, repairing damage is a comparatively simple prospect since you just need to remove and replace a small part of the floor.

  1. Health considerations

There are two strands to this argument. Firstly, engineered wood flooring like that available from is made from natural products. These are widely believed to produce a healthier home than man-made materials fashioned from complex chemical formulations. Secondly, the surfaces of these floors aren’t prone to collecting dust, pollen and airborne toxins and, as highlighted above, are easy to keep clean.

Allergies and asthma are becoming increasingly common, especially in children. Engineered floors can therefore make a vital contribution to your and your family’s health.

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  1. Flexibility

Although it is crafted for longevity, engineered flooring isn’t necessarily immortal! In other words, if you decide to remodel your home or even just update the decor, it’s entirely possible that you will want to refresh your flooring. This won’t be a problem because your floor can usually be modified. The veneer can, for instance, be sanded or refinished.

  1. Stability

Finally, these floors don’t contract, expand or buckle like standard wood floors, so they are suitable for every part of the house, even rooms like kitchens and bathrooms with potentially damp atmospheres.

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