How to maintain your double glazing

How to maintain your double glazing

Double glazing brings tremendous benefits to your home, and uPVC has the advantage of being far easier to maintain than wood. However, the key to keeping your uPVC double glazing looking its best is to clean and maintain your windows on a regular basis. The right kind of TLC will keep your windows in good working order and protect your investment, ensuring you get the best out of your double glazing for years to come.

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Check your locks

Locks and hinges will need a clean and light lubrication on an annual basis. Use a furniture wax spray or spray oil and wipe away any dirt and grime with a clean cloth. Test the keys in your window locks and make sure you keep a key handy near every lock.

Keep your windows clean

A buildup of dirt and grime can discolour your window frames or even cause lasting damage, so clean them on a regular basis. If you can’t reach certain windows, employ a professional window cleaner. Use an appropriate cleaner and check that it is safe for use with uPVC double glazing. You should never use abrasive methods on wood grain finishes, and do not use washing up liquid as this can perish the seals, ambien online leading to condensation problems that require replacement. Vacuuming can be an appropriate way to deal with interior dust and dirt.

Check seals and gaskets

When you clean your windows, take a few minutes to check that the seals and gaskets are correctly placed and that there are no dents or splits in the seal when you open and close your windows. Wipe the seals with an appropriate cleaner to keep them in optimum condition.

Replace rusty screws

Check that the screws are tight and not corroded, and replace any that are showing wear with replacement screws. If you have uPVC windows in Dublin, a company like should be able to advise you on replacing any corroded and defective screws to keep your locking mechanisms in top shape.

Deal with damp

Damp can cause the formation of mould on your window seals and frames, so deal with any issues by improving ventilation and heating. This will also help to deal with condensation issues that can have a damaging effect on your double glazing, so make sure you aerate humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

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