3 crafts made with flowers

crafts made with flowers

3 crafts made with flowers

Tell him with flowers! It does not matter how Valentine has already passed, love must be celebrated every day and if it is with flowers, much better. Today I am going to teach you three very simple and simple manual of the blog A Pair and a Spare with which you will be able to fill of color and joy your house thanks to the flowers. As you will see, they are very easy to prepare, but always effective. Let’s get down to business!

Boxes with decorative flowers

The first craft that I tell you is to make beautiful decorative boxes with colorful flowers inside. The inspiration came to the author of this blog when she visited Kyoto, where she observed that flowers appeared in almost every corner in boxes. He fell in love with the idea and tried to see how they were left. Do you want to try it too? It’s that easy …

crafts made with flowers

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The materials you will need are …

– Flowers (of the forms and colors that you prefer).

– Scissors.

– A small box with lid.

– A little plastic.

– Scotch tape.

– Foam that they use in the florists for the bases of the floral arrangements.

The manual, step by step

The first thing you have to do is to take the plastic and cut it so that it fits inside the box, fixing it with the tape. Then place the foam inside the box, leaving about 2.5 centimeters to the top of the box. Pour water to soak the foam.

crafts made with flowers

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How to place the flowers

Now cut the stems of your flowers so that they have a measurement of 2.5 centimeters and introduce them in the foam. Be sure to push it down so that the flowers fit snugly against the edge of the box. Add all to make your personalized composition and you will have your boxes ready to decorate any corner of your house, which you can give much color with these beautiful creations.

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Another craft starring flowers

We do not leave the flowers and now we are going to prepare another DIY very simple to do but that is wonderful. Perfect for last minute events in which you are caught unaware and those who can give an incredible color.

To do this you will need …

– A bunch of roses.

– Scissors.

– A raffia string.

The first thing that you will do will be to cut the roses, leaving about 5 centimeters of stem. Now, take the rope and place the flowers spaced, it will depend on the rope you use and how many flowers you want to put on it … Make a double knot in each of the stems until you have all the roses tied. And you will already have a beautiful garland of natural flowers ready to decorate any party or corner of your house. You can go varying and use other types of flowers, which you like.

crafts made with flowers

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Handmade pendant with flowers

We finish these ideas to decorate with flowers with a latest craft. In this case, you will need the following materials …

– 6 hanging vases (as if they were test tubes).

– 3 meters of leather cord.

– A metal ring.

First, cut two pieces of rope about 50 centimeters long and attach the ends of each to the metal ring. They will be those that serve to hold the structure the ceiling or where you want to put it. Next, cut another piece of rope about 20 centimeters long and tie one end to the vase and the other to the metal ring. Do it with all your glasses so that they are balanced around the ring. Cut the flowers by leaving the stem a little longer so that it protrudes a bit from above.

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